▶ Young boy will mesmerize you with his attitude towards animals

This is a video about respecting animals – what we should all be doing but sadly not. This of course includes cats which is why it is here on PoC. This young Portuguese boy has an attitude towards animals which is way in advance of the attitudes of billions of grown ups all over the world.

His supremely innocent yet precisely-to-the-point words are, for me, mesmerizing. He sums up what all people should be thinking in respect of their relationship with all animals on the planet.

There is a great beauty in truth through innocence. He has a good mind. I hope he grows up to be a fine advocate for animals and wouldn’t it be nice if he fought for cat welfare?

His mother, who I believe is making the video while talking to him, starts to cry when he utters his magical words. He asks what the water is on her face. God it’s cute and so beautiful. It makes you cry, yourself.

I believe his name is Luiz Antonio. What does it take to raise boys and girls with minds like this? His parents should make a video about that as a follow up.

A argumentação para não comer polvo

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4 thoughts on “▶ Young boy will mesmerize you with his attitude towards animals”

  1. His parents must be very proud of their wonderful little boy and I don’t doubt he gets his compassionate nature from them.

    I like hearing good new stories like this and the one of Freeway the cat. We should never forget that whilst there are some monsters out there, angels also walk among us.

  2. What an incredible child seems so ahead of his years utterly inspirational so simple and sweet and his mother so supportive of his feelings and his innocent young views on not eating animals ….. given me hope… any parents whose kids have ever been cruel to animals should feel so ashamed because this child here? His tender little soul – thats the way it should be:- a lot of it I feel comes from inside but some of it has to be outside influences – his parents and his environment.

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