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10 cat-baby pictures to warm the heart. Describe the first one for me.

You can’t beat baby and cat pictures. Here are ten of the best. One smartphones drag the pictures in from right to left and hold the phone horizontally to enlarge the pictures! Sorry, but that is the way it is with phones.

Image Source: Instagram user moempires
Image Source: Instagram user skylermo
Image Source: Instagram user jackie_caruthers_
Image Source: Instagram user catlids
Image Source: Instagram user delly_webb
Image Source: Instagram user kayct666
Image Source: Instagram user thenalongcameyou
Image Source: Instagram user busy_mom_happy_son
Image Source: Instagram user naminexhitomy
Image Source: Instagram user busy_mom_happy_son

There was a lot of talk about whether domestic cats should sleep with babies. There is a lot of history and old wives tales on this subject. But nowadays the general opinion of the experts is that a cat sleeping with the family’s baby is a good thing for baby and cat. It helps the baby create antibodies and generate resistance to allergens and the like. A cat fortifies a baby! And the cat does not see a baby as a baby but as another creature to befriend and they smell nice to a cat and they keep each other warm.


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