10 free one-hour personal training sessions for person who adopts North Myrtle Beach cat

This is the story of an overweight cat named Purrsilla and the Humane Society who is trying hard to get her a home where she’ll be fed a healthy diet. A local business owner has stepped up to offer an added benefit to the adopter.

Purrsilla (photo courtesy WMBF)
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Although North Myrtle Beach Humane Society currently has around 40 cats up for adoption, Purrsilla, at a whopping 13 pounds, needs someone who can help her slim down a wee bit.

Purrsilla has been at the Society for six months and has gained weight since arriving in July. They believe the loving feline would make a great ‘diet buddy’ for someone who has made the resolution to get in shape themselves.

News4 posted the story to their website through their affiliate WMBF where assistant director Kelsi Geyer stated

“It really does encourage you to work a little harder when you have a buddy. Whether it’s a human or a cat, and kitties are kind of magic.”

After the story aired the humane society got a call from the owner of True Personal Training and Fitness. Rachel Yodice has offered anyone willing to adopt Pursilla 10 free one-hour personal training sessions.

“The cat being overweight kind of ties into what I do for a living. I was just hoping that I could … being it’s the new year I know weight loss is a big issue and a resolution, that if I put it out there that we would offer the 10 free sessions that it would just kind of be a bonus for someone.”

The training sessions are valued at $420. Geyer is happy that a member of the community is willing to step up to offer services that will also benefit a cat needing a forever home.

Interested persons are asked to stop by the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society and meet Purrsilla. The society reopens Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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4 thoughts on “10 free one-hour personal training sessions for person who adopts North Myrtle Beach cat”

  1. It’s not just you. One of ours hovvers around 6.5kg. He’s a big boy, he could do with losing maybe half a kilo, but is very active and muscled up. Big frame, tall too. He can jump up 7ft from standing still, to the top of a kitchen cupboard.

    We’ve had big, muscle bound females in the past, both from feral stock. Both long lived.

    Pursilla may just be a small female?

    That’s a neat idea from the personal training guy, generous too. I hope it brings Purrsilla a wonderful family home of her own.

      • I know the type. A mighty atom of a cat. We had one, Gerry, small, toothless, but muscles of iron. Only occasionally did he hit 4kg.

        I had a peek at your new site the day you announced it, but my dumb, tiny tablet was having a fit. An update has fixed it, so I shall look forward to some heartening reads.

        We need some happy endings, we really do.

  2. Is it just me or is 13 pounds not that heavy? We have 2 female cats who are 14 pounders and have a good percentage of muscle.


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