10 questions beginning with “Do domestic cats” and the answers

Here are 10 questions beginning with “Do domestic cats” together with the answers. Why did I do this? Because when you search using Google with the following phrase “Do domestic cats”” Google produces these 10 possible questions and therefore it seems natural to me to try and answer them. Clearly people want to know answers to these questions and I think that they can be answered very succinctly.

Do domestic cats
Do domestic cats. Image: MikeB based on Pixabay background image.
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Do domestic cat hibernate? No. Everyone should know that (unless you think your cat is hibernating because of the amount of time they spend curled up by the radiator πŸ˜‰). I have a related page on: Do Bobcats Hibernate or Migrate?

Do domestic cats chuff? No. I have written a page about that. Chuffing is for tigers (link to an article on that). Chuffing is a particular, close-range sound (sounds). And read about the difference between domestic cats and tigers.

Do domestic cats get winter coats? Yes, in that they shed hair much less during the winter months because there is less light during those months.

Do domestic cats feel the cold? Yes, but domestic cats are more tolerant of the cold that human beings in my view. And any case they carry with them a permanent well-tailored coat.

Do domestic cats kill rabbits? Yes, domestic cats can kill rabbits but whether they do or not depends upon the availability of rabbits. Not many domestic cats have the opportunity to kill one.

Do domestic cats get Covid? Yes, domestic cats can and do get Covid but it is quite rare. However, Covid is a zoonotic disease which means it can be transmitted between cat and person and vice versa. When domestic cats get Covid they normally get it from their human caregiver and the symptoms are almost always mild and manageable. They appear to have better immune systems to the Covid virus.

Mouse and cat
Cat ponders on mouse’s presence. Photo in public domain

Do domestic cats eat mice? Yes, they love a tasty mouse provided it is available. They will kill them instinctively provided they can catch it!

Do domestic cats hunt together? No, domestic cats are solitary hunters. They have inherited this behavioural trait from their North African wildcat ancestor.

Do domestic cat fight to the death? It is possible. I would think that it was extremely rare for domestic cats to fight to the death. It is more likely that feral cats in developing countries might occasionally fight to the death when, for example, one of them falls off a tall building during a fight. I don’t think that there is an intention for one feral cat to kill another. The intention is to rid the other cat from their territory. Domestic cats will normally protect their territory through body language stand-offs rather than actual fierce fighting leading to injury.

Do domestic cats have a mating season? Yes, in the northern hemisphere this is normally between the months of March and September and in the southern hemisphere it is more likely to be between September and March. The feline heat cycle is when the female ‘comes into season’. The language of a female cat becoming receptive to mating indicates that mating is seasonal.

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