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10-year-old boy who rescued a cat thrown from a bridge wants to remain anonymous

A 10-year-old boy saw a man throw a box from the River Street Bridge, near the intersection of Knowlton Street and Berkshire Avenue, in Bridgeport, USA. He then heard a cat’s cry coming from the taped up box in a garbage bag. The boy ran to the water’s edge and grabbed the box and saw that a cat was inside (see the photo above) He then proceeded to take the cat to Bridgeport Animal Control but saw a police car on the way and flagged it down.


“Happy to say that Ginger has been adopted today… Congratulations to Christianne Kao and Jeffery Kunkel! And a special Congrats to Ginger! We’re so glad you were able to get a great home!” – Bridgeport Animal Control on Facebook.

Cat thrown from bridge in sealed box. Photo: Bridgeport Animal Control.

You can see the bridge at the bottom right corner of the map. The map can be moved by left clicking on the map and then dragging the mouse or dragging your finger over the track pad.


I presume he handed the cat over and the police took the cat to Animal Control who said:

“He was actually walking here (to Bridgeport Animal Control) to bring us the cat when he saw the police car. He did this because he is the sweetest with a huge heart! I wish we knew who he was too!”

The boy did not want to give his name to the Animal Control officer.

The police have the boy’s description of the man who threw the cat away but little else to go on, so if anyone can help please call Bridgeport 203-576-7727.

Do you know this cat? Did you see anything? Do you know who would have done this? – ask Animal Control.

And I wonder if the boy might change his mind and come forward so we can see who he is.

The cat is a male, ginger tabby-and-white with a strong muzzle.


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