£100 PoC Donation to Walsall Cats Protection

Cats Protection donation by PoC

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This is a short note to say that I have made a £100 donation to the Walsall branch of Cats protection as part of the regular PoC donations. Cats Protection do wonderful work and I am a member. Leah, a regular supporter of PoC, made the suggestion. I have made previous donations to Cats Protection (Chelmsford Branch)


I’m sorry that the payment is late but the amount is exactly as stated based upon what is really a regular amount of comments every month.

Because the number of comments every month is fairly similar and because I’m rather bad at doing administration and much prefer to write articles, at this time, I’m thinking about setting up standing orders totalling £100 per month to four cat charities.

Regular visitors might not know this but in the background I have been making a $25 per month donation to Maine Coon Cat Rescue in the USA. This has been going on for about 5 years.

That donation is in addition to the ones I make regularly based on the number of comments.

Accordingly, I intend to maintain that background donation to Maine Coon Cat Rescue (the name of the charity has changed but but I wish to continue to donate) while adding three more, one of which will be Snow Leopard Trust.

I do want to make a donation to a wild cat charity and my favourite wild cat is the snow leopard. In addition, the Snow Leopard Trust do wonderful work (example).

There remains, therefore, two other cat charities to which I wish to make routine standing order donations, as mentioned.

I would like Kays Hill to be one of those charities in recognition of the unfailing and unstinting support by Ruth and Barbara who both themselves support the charity very closely (recent article).

The fourth charity is yet to be decided and I will write about that later and would welcome anyone’s feedback.

Thank you for being so patient about this late payment.

74 thoughts on “£100 PoC Donation to Walsall Cats Protection”

  1. THANKS to Dee from Kevin…

    ‘we have just had a donation from Dee one of our friendly followers in America who we met through p.o.c. pictures of cats web site , Dee does a lot of feral cat work in America yet is still willing to support us here many thanks and best wishes go to her from all at kays hill’

    Dee you are a star, you never let us down.

  2. “I am more than pleased for anyone to write for PoC but no one wants to except you on declawing and other local issues. This is not new.”
    After this, I must let go of this whole issue.
    That statement hurt me.
    I have written and contributed some “firsts” to this site, ie. definition of ferals, moving a colony, protecting feral colonies, CPR on a cat, taking home a baby bobcat…etc. I’ve never written anything that could be found elsewhere. I don’t google dumb news stories or cat maladies to write about for $40 a whack, for god’s sake. I write original and first-hand experienced articles. I think Ahsan does too.
    Perhaps, we deserve an apology too.

    • I have always loved your articles Dee, they are real life and original and never repetitive. Ahsan’s articles too and I can only say again how unfair this all is on loyal visitors.
      This (as well as not asking how Walter is doing) is what hurt me
      ‘Yes I may have lost some regulars but what does that mean? It means that I have lost two people when there are over 3,000 individual people visiting the site every day’
      You have lost more than two regulars, some of who used to write articles and always comment on other writers articles too, I thought consistent loyalty would be worth more than 3000 visitors passing through.
      But as you say I know nothing about running a web site, so like Dee I’ll let this issue go now.
      Thank you for your past support of Kays Hill and thanks to the people here who were interested in them and enjoyed and commented on the articles Babz and I wrote about their work.
      Thanks to Dee for her continued support of them, I know Kevin appreciates it very much.

  3. I was so sad to come on here after Dee left a comment for me to read about people offending and hurting each other. Ruth I feel as though I know you and Babz although we’ve never actually met. I at least know how your love of animals drives eveything you do; you are compassionate beyond belief.

    Michael you do deserve a pat on the back you’ve achieved so much for cats over the years and what you’ve told us all about speaks for itself so bloody good on you for blowing your own trumpet!! Sometimes you need to do that more because otherwise (and it is human nature) you can get taken for granted, familiarity breeds contempt and all that stuff.

    I’ve read so much on this page so forgive me for not remembering who said ‘its cleared the air’ but really it has hasn’t it? And lets face it I never knew for one minute that you had achieved so much Michael so thank you for enlightening me! Or you Ruth with all you did lugging big dogs onto the table and Dee stuffing dead rectums or some such? I had to laugh 🙂 Lets face it we are all amazing even me at times! Yes even dumbo here has the occasional flash of inspiration lol!

    Now I know no one needs me to speak for them but tough I’m going to anyway! We are all here because we want to make the world a better place for animals but mostly cats because they are our passion. Ruth is hurt because she has been worrying about Walter but clearly Micheal is running around like a Blue Tail fly and never thought to ask …. we all make mistakes etc but the people on here that have placed the comments over the last few days I know wouldn’t dream under normal circumstances of being hurtful or offensive its jjust that things happen to conspire against us then things end up being said in the heat of the moment.

    I have to say though that I have noticed that certain people write articles and expect comments yet never ever leave any comments when others write articles, please would someone tell me how that works? I believe in give and take you see.

    I will be the first to admit that I was also unfair when I left PoC recently due to an article I found offensive, however there is only so much graphic uncensored cruety I can take and that pushed me to my limit especially when there is little I can do to make it stop 🙁 I have to say though that despite my tirade Michael still gave the money to the CPL as promised and still happily re-vamped my article about Kitty Soft Paws and there were no hard feelings so I will subscribe again. I can’t promise I will comment on everything but I will do my best.

    I think what Ruth means is that certain people always write the same type of article however that said I can understand that its difficult to keep coming up with new material.

    I hope you will all forgive me for my thoughts especially if I’ve second guessed and subsequently found myself ‘off the mark’ but I do feel that its good to get things into the open. You all do so much for cats and I would hate to see this website close it would be a sad day for cat welfare it if did 🙁

  4. BTW sorry I didn’t reply earlier to your question, Michael, yes I have worked 7 days a week, from leaving home at 7.45 am and not getting back until 7.45pm, I worked for a pittance, physical work with animals for many years, for the love of animals.
    I spend many hours on my computer now on behalf of animals, especially cats, for nothing, I do it because I love animals, no one forces me to do it, it’s my choice just as running PoC is your choice.
    End of story.

    • God knows that I don’t feel like commenting.
      But, I’m compelled…
      How dare you, R, think that your 12 hour plus work days (for years and years, walking to and from work, standing on your feet for hours on end, being puked, peed, and sh-t on) could compare with anyone elses job.
      I guess you’re no more than a slug, just as I am!

      • Dee you forgot bitten and scratched too lol and lifting hulking great dogs on the table while the client and the male vet stood by.
        In my day the nurse was the jack of all trades too, receptionist, telephonist, accountant, mortuary attendant, the lot, I was lucky we had a cleaner twice a week!
        Yes I was a slug of the lowest order, but I chose to do it, so can only blame myself.

        • OMG! What a reminder.
          Some things are so the same with the care of animals and people. Those 12 hour days were killers.
          Jack of all trades is right.
          Verbal abuse by caretakers and family members, physical abuse by the ill or loved ones, stuffing dead corpse bums with gauze to prevent leakage, handling contaminated items, on and on….

  5. I have great respect for Micheal dee Ruth and babz you are honest and very straight in what you say I sincerely hope noone falls out over this we must remember why we are here and that’s our passion for our cats

    • No one needs to fall out, a bit of straight talking clears the air and then we can move on, far better than going behind someone’s back I think.
      We are all adults, not kids in a playground 😉 and yes the main thing is our love of cats and our passion and committment to help as many as we can.

  6. Can I please say that I have never complained moaned or twisted about this yet I see my name being brought up a lot here I appreciate a Micheal does for charity and if pocket ain’t doing well I fury understand his decision to withdraw his offer from all of us at times I wish I could withdraw my services to the animals but it’s not in me to walk away as many know also as it’s being mentioned my health. Is not the best due to a hereditary illness but hey Ho animals need me work to be done thanks to all my friends and supporters it means so much that you believe in kays hill so strongly thank you

    • This is true, Kevin has never once moaned and hadn’t even said the DD was never set up. I know he is grateful for every donation anyone has ever given to Kays Hill no matter how small and this is why Babz and I will always support them as much as we can.
      Sorry you got caught up in this Kevin.
      It was nice of Leanne and Dan to call yesterday for the food and bedding etc, like I said, our poor old car is on his last wheel, so it’s good you will collect stuff or we might end up stranded on your track lol.


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