£100 PoC Donation to Walsall Cats Protection

Cats Protection donation by PoC

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This is a short note to say that I have made a £100 donation to the Walsall branch of Cats protection as part of the regular PoC donations. Cats Protection do wonderful work and I am a member. Leah, a regular supporter of PoC, made the suggestion. I have made previous donations to Cats Protection (Chelmsford Branch)


I’m sorry that the payment is late but the amount is exactly as stated based upon what is really a regular amount of comments every month.

Because the number of comments every month is fairly similar and because I’m rather bad at doing administration and much prefer to write articles, at this time, I’m thinking about setting up standing orders totalling £100 per month to four cat charities.

Regular visitors might not know this but in the background I have been making a $25 per month donation to Maine Coon Cat Rescue in the USA. This has been going on for about 5 years.

That donation is in addition to the ones I make regularly based on the number of comments.

Accordingly, I intend to maintain that background donation to Maine Coon Cat Rescue (the name of the charity has changed but but I wish to continue to donate) while adding three more, one of which will be Snow Leopard Trust.

I do want to make a donation to a wild cat charity and my favourite wild cat is the snow leopard. In addition, the Snow Leopard Trust do wonderful work (example).

There remains, therefore, two other cat charities to which I wish to make routine standing order donations, as mentioned.

I would like Kays Hill to be one of those charities in recognition of the unfailing and unstinting support by Ruth and Barbara who both themselves support the charity very closely (recent article).

The fourth charity is yet to be decided and I will write about that later and would welcome anyone’s feedback.

Thank you for being so patient about this late payment.

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74 thoughts on “£100 PoC Donation to Walsall Cats Protection”

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    THANKS to Dee from Kevin…

    ‘we have just had a donation from Dee one of our friendly followers in America who we met through p.o.c. pictures of cats web site , Dee does a lot of feral cat work in America yet is still willing to support us here many thanks and best wishes go to her from all at kays hill’

    Dee you are a star, you never let us down.

  2. “I am more than pleased for anyone to write for PoC but no one wants to except you on declawing and other local issues. This is not new.”
    After this, I must let go of this whole issue.
    That statement hurt me.
    I have written and contributed some “firsts” to this site, ie. definition of ferals, moving a colony, protecting feral colonies, CPR on a cat, taking home a baby bobcat…etc. I’ve never written anything that could be found elsewhere. I don’t google dumb news stories or cat maladies to write about for $40 a whack, for god’s sake. I write original and first-hand experienced articles. I think Ahsan does too.
    Perhaps, we deserve an apology too.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      I have always loved your articles Dee, they are real life and original and never repetitive. Ahsan’s articles too and I can only say again how unfair this all is on loyal visitors.
      This (as well as not asking how Walter is doing) is what hurt me
      ‘Yes I may have lost some regulars but what does that mean? It means that I have lost two people when there are over 3,000 individual people visiting the site every day’
      You have lost more than two regulars, some of who used to write articles and always comment on other writers articles too, I thought consistent loyalty would be worth more than 3000 visitors passing through.
      But as you say I know nothing about running a web site, so like Dee I’ll let this issue go now.
      Thank you for your past support of Kays Hill and thanks to the people here who were interested in them and enjoyed and commented on the articles Babz and I wrote about their work.
      Thanks to Dee for her continued support of them, I know Kevin appreciates it very much.

  3. I was so sad to come on here after Dee left a comment for me to read about people offending and hurting each other. Ruth I feel as though I know you and Babz although we’ve never actually met. I at least know how your love of animals drives eveything you do; you are compassionate beyond belief.

    Michael you do deserve a pat on the back you’ve achieved so much for cats over the years and what you’ve told us all about speaks for itself so bloody good on you for blowing your own trumpet!! Sometimes you need to do that more because otherwise (and it is human nature) you can get taken for granted, familiarity breeds contempt and all that stuff.

    I’ve read so much on this page so forgive me for not remembering who said ‘its cleared the air’ but really it has hasn’t it? And lets face it I never knew for one minute that you had achieved so much Michael so thank you for enlightening me! Or you Ruth with all you did lugging big dogs onto the table and Dee stuffing dead rectums or some such? I had to laugh 🙂 Lets face it we are all amazing even me at times! Yes even dumbo here has the occasional flash of inspiration lol!

    Now I know no one needs me to speak for them but tough I’m going to anyway! We are all here because we want to make the world a better place for animals but mostly cats because they are our passion. Ruth is hurt because she has been worrying about Walter but clearly Micheal is running around like a Blue Tail fly and never thought to ask …. we all make mistakes etc but the people on here that have placed the comments over the last few days I know wouldn’t dream under normal circumstances of being hurtful or offensive its jjust that things happen to conspire against us then things end up being said in the heat of the moment.

    I have to say though that I have noticed that certain people write articles and expect comments yet never ever leave any comments when others write articles, please would someone tell me how that works? I believe in give and take you see.

    I will be the first to admit that I was also unfair when I left PoC recently due to an article I found offensive, however there is only so much graphic uncensored cruety I can take and that pushed me to my limit especially when there is little I can do to make it stop 🙁 I have to say though that despite my tirade Michael still gave the money to the CPL as promised and still happily re-vamped my article about Kitty Soft Paws and there were no hard feelings so I will subscribe again. I can’t promise I will comment on everything but I will do my best.

    I think what Ruth means is that certain people always write the same type of article however that said I can understand that its difficult to keep coming up with new material.

    I hope you will all forgive me for my thoughts especially if I’ve second guessed and subsequently found myself ‘off the mark’ but I do feel that its good to get things into the open. You all do so much for cats and I would hate to see this website close it would be a sad day for cat welfare it if did 🙁

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    BTW sorry I didn’t reply earlier to your question, Michael, yes I have worked 7 days a week, from leaving home at 7.45 am and not getting back until 7.45pm, I worked for a pittance, physical work with animals for many years, for the love of animals.
    I spend many hours on my computer now on behalf of animals, especially cats, for nothing, I do it because I love animals, no one forces me to do it, it’s my choice just as running PoC is your choice.
    End of story.

    1. God knows that I don’t feel like commenting.
      But, I’m compelled…
      How dare you, R, think that your 12 hour plus work days (for years and years, walking to and from work, standing on your feet for hours on end, being puked, peed, and sh-t on) could compare with anyone elses job.
      I guess you’re no more than a slug, just as I am!

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Dee you forgot bitten and scratched too lol and lifting hulking great dogs on the table while the client and the male vet stood by.
        In my day the nurse was the jack of all trades too, receptionist, telephonist, accountant, mortuary attendant, the lot, I was lucky we had a cleaner twice a week!
        Yes I was a slug of the lowest order, but I chose to do it, so can only blame myself.

        1. OMG! What a reminder.
          Some things are so the same with the care of animals and people. Those 12 hour days were killers.
          Jack of all trades is right.
          Verbal abuse by caretakers and family members, physical abuse by the ill or loved ones, stuffing dead corpse bums with gauze to prevent leakage, handling contaminated items, on and on….

  5. I have great respect for Micheal dee Ruth and babz you are honest and very straight in what you say I sincerely hope noone falls out over this we must remember why we are here and that’s our passion for our cats

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      No one needs to fall out, a bit of straight talking clears the air and then we can move on, far better than going behind someone’s back I think.
      We are all adults, not kids in a playground 😉 and yes the main thing is our love of cats and our passion and committment to help as many as we can.

  6. Can I please say that I have never complained moaned or twisted about this yet I see my name being brought up a lot here I appreciate a Micheal does for charity and if pocket ain’t doing well I fury understand his decision to withdraw his offer from all of us at times I wish I could withdraw my services to the animals but it’s not in me to walk away as many know also as it’s being mentioned my health. Is not the best due to a hereditary illness but hey Ho animals need me work to be done thanks to all my friends and supporters it means so much that you believe in kays hill so strongly thank you

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      This is true, Kevin has never once moaned and hadn’t even said the DD was never set up. I know he is grateful for every donation anyone has ever given to Kays Hill no matter how small and this is why Babz and I will always support them as much as we can.
      Sorry you got caught up in this Kevin.
      It was nice of Leanne and Dan to call yesterday for the food and bedding etc, like I said, our poor old car is on his last wheel, so it’s good you will collect stuff or we might end up stranded on your track lol.

  7. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Well if saying what I think is being unfair or critising you Michael, then I’m sorry, you know I’ve always admired you for your love of cats and your generosity.
    But one thing was unfair, promising to help the charities you named, then not keeping that promise without any explanation. Kevin would have understood your finances weren’t as good any more and accepted you couldn’t follow through, if you had told him.
    I’m only saying that maybe voluntary writers writing original articles might bring back your old and loyal visitors.
    People love to read about each others cats, your stories and photos of Gabriel always go down well. Reporting news stories to be found elsewhere is what I meant about being repetitive.
    I don’t deny you deserve praise and a pat on the back for your work.
    I’m hurt because I thought we were friends yet you haven’t even asked how Walter is doing. Sorry I didn’t write an article about his illness, but I feel too vulnerable to the people who targeted me viciously not so long ago on here.
    I used to enjoy writing for PoC and I wrote voluntarily for at least 5 years but I do agree with what Dee says and therefore had to say so.
    Yes you are justified in pausing in making charitable payments but it seemed strange you didn’t say it had ended, you are justified too in paying who you want to pay and not others, after all it’s your web site and I wish you well with it.

    1. Kevin would have understood your finances weren’t as good any more and accepted you couldn’t follow through, if you had told him.

      When I emailed him he took 4 weeks to respond. I said I would set up a SO but then I got a massive bill from the hosting co. (Hostgator for almost £2,000) and I got tired of shelling out thousands of dollars. I changed my mind. When it comes to gifts the donor can change his mind.

      I am more than pleased for anyone to write for PoC but no one wants to except you on declawing and other local issues. This is not new. Way back (6 years ago) it was he same and 99% of the contributions by visitors were not good. People don’t want to write or they can’t do it.

      We are friends and I respect you and what you write and say but you don’t really know what I deal with to run this site. I compete with businesses and paid employees. It is highly competitive and expensive and troublesome. Sites like Catster are probably making a loss.

      I know what I write is good because I have over 20 million Google + views. No other cat author can hold a candle to that.

      What I need is encouragement and ideas etc.. And Dee has insulted me. She’ll have to retract that.

      I have NO kind of understanding as to why you would not honour your commitment to these charities. Were you drunk?

      I did not make a binding commitment. There is legal obligation. I expressed a wish – a desire, and through circumstance I was forced to re-evaluate. I want to help cats but I am not rich.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Kevin hasn’t been well for a long time and he shouldn’t be working at all but his life is the animals in his care. Without being with them his life wouldn’t be worth living. His emails pile up until he has the time to spend in the office sorting them, I think that may be why he took so long to respond. Leanne and Dan work flat out too, with 300+ animals they work dawn until almost midnight and for months now we’ve had gale force winds up here and Kays Hill has taken a few batterings causing damage and making extra work for them too.
        They have volunteers at times but Kevin, Leanne and Dan take the brunt of all there is to do every day, 7 days a week.
        Some might ask well why do it? But where would those animals be if they didn’t? Times are very hard up North but we struggle on and help each other when we can, which is what life is all about really.

      2. Michael, I apologize for being crude.
        I was shocked and terribly disappointed.

        It’s a matter of integrity, not legality for me.

        Ofcourse, you had no legally binding contract.
        I have no such contract with most commitments I’ve made, especially with caretaking cats. Maybe, legal binders should be in place with that so people would be forced to be responsible and stop dumping at shelters.

        We’re all different.
        Having to ungift may not have the same impact for you that it would have for me.

        1. I am disappointed myself but I don’t have a bottomless pit of money and when I have to pay £2k for hosting it changes the situation. I am reluctant to change on donations but I started to feel the pain and no gain. I still pay $25 per month to an America cat rescue and have done for 6 years. I also donate my time for free.

          The thing is I don’t have to do any of this. Nothing. It is all a gift. I keep going both for my health (it is good for me) but mainly to help cat welfare and educate and, yes, to make friends and socialise online. But if things get too annoying for me or detrimental to me I would have to stop. Then the site would be effectively dead.

          1. It would help me feel better if you could write something encouraging to Ruth and Babz, considering what they are going through with Walter right now.
            I think that the site has become more newsy and much less personal.
            Out of curiosity, can you name any cats being cared for by PoCers?
            Ruth, Jo, Dw, Ahsan, Darlene, Marc, Geri, Caroline, Michele S., Rudolph, Dan, me…?

            1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

              It doesn’t matter Dee, don’t worry, you have been a great support to us caring about our cats and even asking if we need help with vets bills. I’ve met some lovely people here on PoC and we care about each others cats. Thankfully as you know Walter is doing well now, like you our cats are what matter to us most and like you we would give our last penny to help one.

  8. Ruth we at kays hill animal sanctuary have over the last three years seen a dramatic. Decline in large one off donations and legacy due to recession and people being scared of the financial climate but we have also seen a growth pattern in people giving little and often as you know we are very greatfull for this support as we do not live in a wealthy area of the UK yet it’s the genuine everyday animal lovers that keep us afloat to carry on our work here a lot of these people are elderly pensioners them selves with very little

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Yes it’s true, as I said it’s people with the least money who are the most generous.
      Sadly a few of your older supporters in our town have died too over the years.
      But as Babz says above, we have a nice little haul here for you to collect, every little helps and it’s lovely that you appreciate it so much and that makes people want to help more.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Thinking about Barbara Mc who always supported our Coffee Mornings for Kays Hill, such a lovely lady, so sad she died.

  9. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    I’d forgotten about all this, who did you choose for the fourth charity Michael?
    It’s wonderful to be able to help so many cats, I know Kevin and Leanne at Kays Hill appreciate every penny anyone donates to them and they make good use of it.
    They do such excellent work there and yet disaster often strikes, lately with the gale force winds causing damage again, but they keep on rescuing animals and no healthy animal is ever killed.
    I’m going to make Dee blush now, but I have to say what a kind and generous lady she is, not only has she sent donations to Kays Hill even though she has the expense of the care of her own cats and ferals, but she has also offered to help Babz and I pay our recent and ongoing huge vets bills. We wouldn’t take her money of course as we can manage, but no one else has ever thought of being so kind. Thank you Dee x
    It’s ironic that those who have little themselves and do the most for others are the most likely to offer help.
    I wish we had the money to help more 🙁

    1. I feel bad that we can’t help Kays Hill much at present but the vet bills for Walter at the moment have to be our priority, thankfully we have always saved for the cats health care but it’s not a bottomless pit so we have to try to replace the money as we spend it. Which is why I am so grateful once again to our local community who despite living in a deprived area where joblessness is high still support my appeal at work for cat food and bedding, thanks to them we have several carrier bags of food, blankets and even a cash donation here waiting for Kevin or Dan and Leanne to collect to help them in their vital work, we will never cancel our monthly donation but just now that’s all we can do personally to help them.

      1. We all do what we can, Babz.
        Many of us would throw our last penny into the ring for any cat.
        But, even with the steeping vet bills piling up on you, you still put it forward.
        I so admire.

    2. Oh! Thanks for the reminder about the fourth charity, Ruth.
      Who is it Michael? Please tell. I get so excited.

      1. Dee, this is in abeyance. There is a pause on this as I decided I was paying so much and struggling to meet all the costs of the site because the hosting company (Hostgator in America) were charging much more to host the site. The costs are very expensive (thousands of dollars per year overall all inclusive) and the income not as high as it was. Also the comment scheme was not necessarily helping the site so the benefits were not there. I am reassessing the situation. I have given many thousands if dollars over the years to charity (perhaps around $5,000+) and still give $25 monthly to an American rescue – Texas Maine Coon rescue – they have changed their name and forgotten the new one 😉 .

        1. OMG! I’m so shocked and disappointed.
          I guess I didn’t realize the costs of running the site. Actually, I thought that the comments had increased.
          You are right to consider cost containment and to not even pay for articles anymore also, not even one per month, by anyone.

            1. You know how I am…
              And, you betcha’ I’m mad…
              I have NO kind of understanding as to why you would not honour your commitment to these charities. Were you drunk?
              If it’s a cost containment issue, perhaps you should stop paying Jo and Elisa for articles that you could google yourself. Is it laziness? I give you many articles for free and will supply more if you will give your donation to Kays Hill. They need it much more than any PoCer here.
              They have upkeep, supplies, and food needs that far exceed mine or any other Pocer here. Perhaps, you could just donate the paid recipients payment to them.

              1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

                I have to agree with Dee, why pay some writers at the expense of charities? I have nothing personally against the writers who are being paid, but is it fair to pay some and not all?
                I didn’t even know Kays Hill hadn’t got the DD to them set up as promised, Kevin must have been disappointed but he didn’t say anything.
                I can well imagine the expense of running a web site and if the comments have lessened, the reason may be that some articles are repetitive, not original any more. As Dee says, anyone can google and find the same stories, just written in a different way.
                A lot of support came from anti declaw people when we had more articles about declawing, PoC was well known for saving claws. Our members of The International Coalition Against Declawing followed our links to PoC and shared them. They admired that every comment generated a 5 cents donation for cat charities.
                Another reason some visitors may have stopped coming (I know of at least 2) is because of the horrible stories about cat abuse which upset them deeply and made them feel helpless and again the same stories were all over the internet.
                Then there’s Woody and his ranting, which puts some people off from commenting incase they are targeted by his spite and disgusting language.
                I’ve come to PoC for at least 6 years now and although I know all things change, it doesn’t seem to be the same happy atmosphere it was.
                I think it needs original articles, written voluntarily and any money to spare to go to cat charities as it used to.

                1. Firstly Ruth, I am hurt by the fact that you say that some articles are repetitive and unoriginal because compared to all other sites this site is the most original in what it says and I make a big effort to make it like that. I don’t know of any other site which is as original and some of the other sites simply repeat exactly what they find on Facebook.

                  Secondly when 10,000 articles have been written on cats it is virtually impossible to find something original to say and I think you need to recognise that simple fact.

                  Thirdly, I consistently ban Woody and only when he pops up under an alias I have to re-ban him so I can’t stop that. As for declawing this website has more articles on declawing than any other on the Internet by far. There are over 200 perhaps 300 and more pages on declawing which is a website in itself and there’s nothing more to say about it so when you talk about repetition I think that would apply to discussing declawing in a new article.

                  As for articles on abuse, there are some but there are not that many compared to the whole and a sizeable percentage of news stories regarding cat are about cat abuse so once again this website has far fewer articles about cat abuse compared to the whole compared to other websites. Websites which totally ignore the subject of abuse are wrong in my opinion because they only present a rosy world which is misleading.

                  I think you’re wrong to say that it needs original articles because you are almost asking the impossible and I don’t see any original articles coming from anybody else. Even today I wrote an original article about why cats curl up. Nobody has said what I have said in that article. I think you’re being unfair to be honest and I don’t think you’re being realistic.

                  As to charitable donations no one person has given more to charity through a cat website than me, in fact none of the other sites give to charity and I’ve given away well over $5000 of my own money to charity. In addition, and it is not recognised, I give my time freely. If I was paid at the minimum wage I’d be earning £80 per day. Multiply that by 8 years (non-stop 24/7) and you can work out what that means in terms of money equivalent in respect of charitable donations (£233,000 – a huge amount) because the website is about educating people which indirectly is a form of charity.

                  I cannot please everybody all the time and I cannot write articles for individual people.

                  The website still gets lots of visits and the numbers are stable (4-5,000 pageviews per day). That is bloody good for a website that competes with commercial cat websites and which has been around for 8 years. Some experts say the lifespan of a site run by an individual is 4 years. Yes I may have lost some regulars but what does that mean? It means that I have lost two people when there are over 3,000 individual people visiting the site every day.

                  I spend a lot of time working out how to keep the website alive and thriving with respect to everybody not just regular visitors and I have to do that otherwise the site becomes a site to 10 people which is unviable.

                  As to paying people to write the odd article and I mean the odd article because nowadays I’m only paying for about 2 or 3 articles per week maximum, I need this support to add a bit of variety to the website and to take a bit of the burden off my shoulders.

                  It is very hard to keep going after 8 years and therefore I need some assistance. If I become demotivated then the site will die but I need to do all I can to keep myself motivated which includes paying for some assistance from time to time.

                  I think I am justified in pausing in making charitable payments. I feel I have earned the right to do that and I feel very hurt to be criticised for it. In fact, it is ridiculous to criticise me when I should be heartily praised for what I’ve done.

                  Also the running costs have increased by 10X to around $5,000 per year inclusive. The internet is much more competitive. It has expanded by 20X. PoC competes with commercial sites (run by companies) like lifewithcats.tv and gets similar viewing numbers.

                  I feel you are being very unfair. I don’t like it.

                  One last point. Your comment is the sort that does demotivate me. I need someone to motivate me – the opposite. Have you ever worked 7 days a week for 8 years, 8 – 10 hours per day and more? No breaks.

              2. Dee, I have responded to Ruth:


                I am not going to get into an argument about this. I deserve praise and a pat on the back for giving away many thousands of dollars over the years.

                There is no recognition of that. And running the site costs me about $5,000 annually all included.

                You ladies have no idea what it is like to run this site. Be careful about criticising. You are being unfair.

                I ask you to retract your insult about being drunk. It was uncalled for. I won’t tolerate it.

  10. on behalf of everyone here at kays hill animal sanctuary we would like to thank Dee as once again she has chose to support us here and send a donation towards the work we do with so many unwanted cats I’ve put it on here as I don’t know how to personally thank her hope she sees how much we appreciate her generosity thanks

    1. OMG, Kevin!
      I just now saw your comment.
      No thanks necessary.
      For many years, I have set aside a token to give to animal charities because I am so grateful for all that I have ever received. You are top billing with me these days. I didn’t send in December, because I know Michael has set you up with a continuous monthly donation now. But, keep in touch and let me know…

      1. Kayshill are always thank full for the support of all our animal friends as I often say kays hill is your sanctuary as with our your continued support and input we have nothing no one person can do this alone on the scale we do so thanks again and deep your a special person too

    2. Kevin, I love the work that you do. I am, especially, grateful for how you caretake all cats, even though it is the ferals that are imbedded in my heart.
      As I wrote, I have always set aside just a pittance every month for animal charities. My December donation went to another worthwhile cat rescue. But, subsequent monthly donations will go to Kays Hill for as long as I can. I promise.
      Thank you for all that you do.

          1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            Ahsan is exceptional! To care about cats when there is such deprivation where he lives is amazing, he is a very special man.

  11. Michael, thank you so much for making these valuable donations as these hardworking charities appreciate all the help they can get.

    We read so many horror stories of cruelty, neglect and apathy towards animal welfare, that we forget that there are (hopefully) many more people doing good work to help animals everywhere. They should be celebrated, so thank you for doing just that.

    1. I could not agree more. There are some really fine people – a lot of them women – doing very valuable work rescuing and fostering cats. They deserve praise and a little bit of help from time to time.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Dee and Ahsan are our two ‘feral angels’ and I think both deserve help and praise for all they do for numerous cats. Having been Feral Officer in the past for Cats Protection I know what a hard heart breaking task it is. It’s very touching emotionally too doing TNR, seeing how frightened of people those cats are, knowing that they would have to be handled by strangers while being neutered at the vets. I could feel their distress. Worrying after they’d been returned, would they be OK after the trauma of the neutering. Worrying about them living rough and possibly in danger. Feral Officer was one of the hardest things I ever did when volunteering. I also admire fosterers very much and now Michael you are one of them on top of the work you do here educating about cat welfare and helping charities. So many people here do so much good for cats, it’s just home from home for cat lovers.

  12. Michael,you are such a kind man to help as much as you can.This ChristmasI am going to give to our shelter here,instead of giving to some ungrateful people here .

  13. The 3 charities are so deserving I love Snow Leopards as well. For the fourth if we all make a suggestion and you can’t decide perhaps you could put all the suggestions in a hat and decide that way? I think the Soi dog foundation so heartbreaking work to rescue dogs destined for the illegal meat trade and they suffer so much being skinned alive and then if they survive that they are boiled alive its just awful 🙁

    1. Leah, I second a vote for the Soi dog foundation.

      Back in the 1980’s I watched a CH4 documentary series on the illegal trade in various animals and one week it was cats and dogs for the meat trade. I’m not going to go into details, but I still shudder when I remember that programme. There are some images that cannot be unseen and I will never forget the horrible suffering of those animals.

      1. I know Michele its some of the worst that I’ve seen and to think they eat Dog because they think it improves a man’s fertility and they torture the dogs because they think the adrenaline makes the meat more tender it’s almost incomprehensible 🙁

  14. Michael thank so much for the donation to Walsall CPL I can’t wait to tell them! I did mention it before but had to admit I wasn’t 100% sure that it would happen but now I can confirm that it has they will be so happy so thank you 100 fold!! 🙂

  15. This is wonderful, I just had a nasty surprise and was feeling a bit down and then I saw this and it’s really cheered me up and made my day too, this is what is important – animal welfare – and all the other things that happen to us and get us down are insignificant compared to helping unwanted animals to have a better life. Michael you’re a very kind and generous man, I’m sure all these charities will be most grateful. I know Kays Hill will be over the moon, I’m most proud that Ruth and I have been part in your decision to help them!

    1. I know how you feel about getting down sometimes because bad things happen to us. It makes me sigh with despair sometimes like anyone else I get my share. You and Ruth have been fantastic supporters of PoC through thick and thin. I don’t think I could keep going without that support.

  16. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Wonderful news for Walsall Cats Protection, I’m sure Leah will be very pleased.
    Also your kind idea about a standing order donation to Kays Hill Cattery, I’m thrilled about this, they are so very deserving and I know Kevin and Leanne will appreciate it very much, they are overflowing with cats and kittens.
    Thank you Michael, you are a star 🙂
    Maine Coon Rescue and Snow leopards are very deserving too.
    All this has made my day 🙂

    1. Thats wonderful news I’m so pleased that Kays Hill are going to receive a regular donation they do such amazing work and miraculously never turn an animal away. Ruth I’m absolutely over the moon about this 🙂

      1. thank you so much from everyone here at kays hill Michael. I am sure all your chosen charities will be very grateful, I know we are. it means a great deal to us. thank you again.

      2. I’m so sorry, Leah.
        Does Walsall CPI have a paypal account?
        No promise, but I can try to spread myself a little more thin.
        I just feel so badly.

        1. Hi Dee I’m not sure to be honest they may have one because I know they do Ebay sales so I could find out please don’t feel badly any group or single person who helps an animal is a worthwhile cause 🙂

    2. Michael thank you for including kays hill it means so much to us we work tirelessly here like so many other rescues, to provide a warm safe environment for our cats, when we find forever homes for them and we see the comments your supporters add about us makes it all worth while, its not just about the donations but the loyal support we receive drives us on when times are tough and I must add we have had our share of toughness . so this is thank you to Michael but also to each and every one that has wished us well

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