1000 Dollar (USD) Donation to Cat Charity

Where Red rests
Where Red rests in peace. He is buried at this place. Photo by Marc
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Thanks to Marc and to me (in a much smaller way), PoC is about to donate $1000 (USD) to a cat charity or charities.

Red a red tabby cat and companion to Marc

Over the last weekend, 29th to 30th June 2013, PoC regulars celebrated the life of a loved cat. His name is Red. He was, and still is, loved by Marc who was his human companion. We had a great weekend thanks to Marc’s efforts in creating a pictorial history of Red’s life. What a beautiful life it was.

Many tears were shed in reading Marc’s memorial to Red. Those tears have been channeled into a flood of funds for cat welfare.

If you are new to this story, please go to In Remembering Red and return here. Please read it. There is so much that is good about it. It is about a pure love between cat and human that won’t fade.

Before Marc wrote his memorial, I had the idea of raising money through comments written. I decided to donate 5 cents for every comment. This is a permanent feature of PoC, which started on 19th June 2013.

Marc added to that pledge by telling us that he would contribute $5 for every comment made on PoC over the weekend of Red’s Memorial. This was extremely generous because there were 175 comments over that weekend.

That generous gesture raised $875, while the PoC comments scheme raised an additional $31 since 19th June. That figure is added to the $875, making $906

Then Marc told me that he wanted to round it up to $1000. An awesome and moving gesture of generosity in Red’s name. To recap, Marc donates $1000 minus $31, which PoC donates. So, the final calculation is $969 from Marc, a mind blowing number, and $31 from PoC.

Now, let’s think of handsome Red and decide how we can distribute the money. It is Red’s legacy to cat welfare.

Please tell us where you think the money should go. 51% of visitors to PoC are Americans, I am told by Alexa, a major website. Is that important?

I think Marc should decide. But, understandably, he is wants us to decide. So, it’s over to me and you.

Thank you Marc and Red.

PoC has a history of giving with the intention of improving cat welfare.

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80 thoughts on “1000 Dollar (USD) Donation to Cat Charity”

  1. I would like to nominate Angel Paws Animal Friends for the charity donation.
    We are a small rural cat rescue that focuses on TNR and spay/neuter.
    We work in one of the poorest counties in Florida. We must transport kitties over two hours each way for low cost S/N surgeries in very hot weather. Our van is on its last legs with no AC. For us to continue this vital service to help stop the killing of the innocents we are raising funds to get a good used van.
    We S/N about 300 kitties a year and put any litters up for adoption.
    We need your help and would be grateful if selected.

    1. Thank you for visiting and telling us about your choice. I have already made a selection. However, this is an ongoing process. The 5 cents per comment scheme raised $31 in about 11 days so the money for July can go to Angel Paws Animal Friends. And Marc said he will do the same thing next year. So stick around and see what happens.

    1. it be great to help even if its a small amount to some well deserved charities as you all do such a faboulous job. Its good to see that no cat goes without having an food, and being looked after. Id be happy to give some this coming year though be a small amount. All helps for the good

      1. Thanks a lot. That is very good of you. You can see that Marc is a very generous person and a wonderful supporter of animals and the domestic cat. I always feel that people should give back to the cat for all the pleasure and support that the cat gives us.

  2. So Michael I think we have been through alot of suggestions – I guess we have to decide – for England I think Kay’s Hill and for the US I guess we should discuss via email and then announce it here or just in the comments of a more current story.

    1. I agree. I’ll read the comments today and summarise it and we can go from there. We should be able to agree something soon and donate soon thereafter.

  3. I want to recommend WarmFuzzys as they’ve had a very hard time. I also wish some could go to Abby’s Animal Angels. This is the rescue who’s responsible for adopting out our Mia, then rehoming her again when Mia was returned as a senior cat instead of 3 as the shelter said. Abby’s Angels has recently rescued several severely burned dogs from a puppy mill raid in Greenville. Vet bills will be in the thousands for two of the dogs. They also do weekly adoption events where Jennifer tries to find good homes for the cats and dogs she pulls from death row in Greenville, which is the same shelter I rescued from.

    1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

      I agree with Elisa about Warmfuzzy’s. I would suggest them over The Cat Network, since Elisa also feels they are a worthy rescue. I can help The Cat Network, because I can walk over there with cans of cat food, money for their jar, and I even was able to give them things for their rummage sale fund raiser. I’d like to do something for Warmfuzzy’s, but money has been very tight lately and they are something like six hours away. It’s easier always to do things locally, and honestly, when it comes down to five dollars being all I can spare, I just end up putting it in the jar at The Cat Network instead of sending it via Paypal to Warmfuzzy’s. Not to put down anyone who would give a small donation, but I think Warmfuzzy’s needs a lot more help than five dollars here and there and I’m just not in a position to do that right now, unfortunately.

  4. It took me about two minutes to wake up to th e cause. Ask Patti Smith, my original punk heroine. Ask Robert Mapplethorpe. My original ‘punk’ heroes. We love cats with all of our hearts. >..< mrowr?

  5. I will tolerate any body who wants to come between me and my domestic Cays. My claw are extended, quietly sweet sharp/ Do you truly want to come against me and my beloved felines? just TRY.

  6. I’ve been busy working and playing with kittens- I’ll be back on the commenting tomorrow after a good sleep. Lots of new articles to catch up on – it’s hard to keep up 🙂

  7. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    For anyone who hasn’t heard of the charities we support, which I don’t suppose you have, because they are very local to us, this is the link to our local Cats Protection branch:
    I’m planning a PoC article on our co-ordinator Marion, she’s done this voluntarily for over 20 years so far! I’ll have to try to persuade her to let me put a pic of her on, she’s a very modest lady.

    Sorry I haven’t updated since my last article on Kays Hill
    we hope to have their latest news and pictures next week. Sadly little Gertie aka Gimpy died but she was very much loved at Kays Hill in the time she was there.

  8. So many great ideas and suggestions. I’m happy not to have the tough job of choosing.I especially like the idea of dividing among a couple of good small and needy charities. I also like the thought of helping a place that deals with the sick or disabled and rehab them so they can be homed.

  9. I am going to do this again next year. It’s actually the least I can do since I am in a place where hands on help is not really possible. I offered to volunteer at all my local shelters and they ALL said they had waiting lists and I probably wouldn’t have much chance for a long time.

  10. Thanks again everyone – you are always kind and caring and considerate.

    I like the sound of Kay’s Hill because I know they need the money badly – as do many but also because they aren’t huge or famous – as far as I know.

    Just thinking outloud really.

  11. A staggering amount of money raised as a wonderful memorial to a special cat, how kind you are Marc and Michael a lot of cats will benefit from your kindness, I propose a huge round of applause and thanks to you both. As Ruth says such a large amount of money can help so many charities, any charity that helps cats has my blessing but of course I am biased towards the ones we support which are Kays Hill Cattery and Wear Valley and Darlington branch of Cats Protection (the branch I did the sponsored walk for last year for which some kind POC regulars sponsored me and these two charities are the ones I shared the cat food I bought from winning the story comp between) it is part of the CP national charity but all branches have to be self funding and we are so fortunate to have Marion as branch Co-ordinator, a woman who knows so much about cat husbandry you’d almost think she was a cat herself. Whatever is decided in the end will be a great help to the charities chosen and of course we all love and want to help cats the whole world over.

  12. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    First a HUGE thank you to Marc for his generosity and to Michael for having the idea first to raise money for cat charities by donating for every comment.
    Two very kind gentlemen who I admire very much.
    I think as it’s such a large sum of money it would be good to share it out between some charities and keep the rest on a list for future donations.
    Kays Hill are very grateful for every single penny they receive so even enough to buy a dozen tins of cat food would be accepted gratefully. Leanne hasn’t visited lately because they are swamped with unwanted animals but Babz and I will be going up again soon with the camera to show you what improvements they have been making to the place because ‘health and safety’ are on their backs.
    Our UK Cats Protection while it is a large charity doesn’t mean local branches aren’t struggling because we volunteers have to raise our own funds for feeding and caring for unwanted cats, TNR
    (just one of the cats of the feral colonies needing to be fed daily)
    neutering, vets bills for many cats and kittens.Our Wear Valley and Darlington district is chok a bloc with cats and kittens and 100 cats on the waiting list to come in for rehoming, which is more difficult than ever because of the bad state financially the North of England is in. Again even enough for a dozen tins of food is very gratefully accepted.
    As you all know,my sister Babz collects food and bedding at her Funeral Office for local needy cats but this has almost dried up despite her making attractive posters for her windows, again due to the recession.
    I know there must be many many charities in the same boat and this is why I think it fairer to share the money out.
    But I think Marc and Michael should get together over this to decide, because thanks to them there is this money and not forgetting Red to whom this is a wonderful tribute. This must all be bittersweet for Marc, our PoC brother, who must be feeling very emotional right now.

  13. I’ve heard of many of these charities and like the sound of them all. I have just one particular angle on the whole thing. There are some charities who are well known and heard of and some who aren’t. The ones who are have the luck to recieve more donations no doubt. They are just as deserving – all of them are – but there may be ones who haven’t been on TV or who are just a little bit smaller and who are struggling for donations. The nice thing about donating to such a place is that you can really make their day or even their week with a nice donation. I am generally of the ‘political’ stance to help the small if the big are already being fed.

    Another thing I want to say about this whole thing – I may do lots of wonderful things for my cats but I don’t do hardly anything for other cats who I will never even meet. There are people out there who work everyday constantly helping cats in need and their time is worth 50 times my money and some. It’s very selfish of me to always talk about my cats and me in some sense so doing this donation is putting things a little bit into perspective. If I lived somewhere I was more needed I would certainly be helping but I guess this, for now, is one way I can.

    I love cat house on the kings and alley cat allies but I feel the donation might not change much in their day since they are world famous just about in the cat world. I have only ever heard of Kay’s Hill through PoC and I don’t know how they advertize or get donations. Just thinking outloud here.

    A shelter I like is called ‘Friends of Felines Rescue Center’ in Defiance, Ohio – I am not sure how well they recieve donations these days but certainly it won’t be badly.

    There are many rescues – some of them are just a few volunteers from the community doing whatever they can without hardly any help from anyone – several hundred dollars would help the tremendously.

    The other thing is that Michael and Charlie have to keep $50 🙂

    1. You have all written kind comments to me here again – thank you very much everybody. I want to do this again next year. That it lands on the last day of the month means I recieve my paycheck (pay cheque in UK) the next day so it works out well in the sense of timing.

      It’s been a very hard weekend – once again about ‘Red Red Red and me me me’ but also and at least there’s a purpose behind it and the money and comment idea seems like the right way to balance it. I feel like that I can remember Red and do so in a way that is useful to cats who need help, elsewhere.

      I guess we need to draw up a list of the Charities that have been mentioned by everyone and have a look at them all, once everbody had a chance to mention them.

      1. A wonderful result Marc so well done you.
        I hope you are feeling OK,it’s been one hell of an emotional weekend for you,I feel shattered merely reading it all
        One thing we will never forget your beautiful Red now.

        1. Thank you Rose – Red is one of the lucky ones in a sense I suppose. He had everything and he is remembered. I did my best for him and will always. The nice thing about charity is we can help the cats nobody knows or remembers. It’s hard not to feel spoiled with everything I and my cats have.

        1. First a HUGE thank you to Marc for his generosity and to Michael for having the idea first to raise money for cat charities by donating for every comment.
          Two very kind gentlemen who I admire very much.
          I think as it’s such a large sum of money it would be good to share it out between some charities and keep the rest on a list for future donations.
          Kays Hill are very grateful for every single penny they receive so even enough to buy a dozen tins of cat food would be accepted gratefully. Leanne hasn’t visited lately because they are sw

    1. I second you on Elisa’s ‘nomination’ for U.S. shelter/adoption org. Please take a look:

      Desperately needing funding, it seems.

      1. Jennifer pulls ONLY animals who would otherwise be PTS or in such horrible condition no one else will take. After nursing them back to health they are adopted out. I think she sleeps about 6 hrs a night, if that. Even though she needs help she spent last weekend raising money for the shelter that took in 142 puppy mill rescues. All of our cats came from that shelter. Go to abbys animal angels page and look at roxi and delaney. Jennifer is an angel.

  14. Excellent animal Philanthropy.A very generous donation in memory of “Red” by the owner Marc from Switzerland.As an Indian i think in terms of Indian currency and 1000 U.S $’s amounts to Rs 60,000 approx .A trend has been set towards animal philanthropy through “P.O.C”. Keep up the good work Michael, “P.O.C” is a encyclopaedic book on cats with us readers contributing our personal experiences with our pet cats.This is what differentiates “P.O.C” from other numerous cat sites, the fact that it is relevant with time and hence enlightens readers with the latest innovations, laws and happening in the “Cat World”.

    1. Thanks Rudolph. Is there are cat charity in India you know about? Perhaps one in Mumbai? You are a vital link for PoC to Asia. You are very important to PoC.

      1. Rudolph.A.Furtado

        Michael, i have bequeathed a small amount of my “LIFE INSURANCE” to the “S.P.C.A Hospital” in Mumbai.I have written about it on “P.O.C” before.There are various cat sites on “F.B(Facebook)” on cats including my own site “Persian cats, upkeep and breeding” as also the “Mumbai Cat Club”. I started these 2 sites to create awareness of starting a cat club in India and yes partly successful. India had its first cat show in Bangalore although a little bit of “Cat Politics” was involved in the “Indian cat Association”.
        The “Bombay Cat Club” set up on “F.B” is a local charitable cat organization and they do raise money for cat charities though i am not involved nor have any knowledge of their cat philanthropy.
        They are organizing a party at a plush Mumbai hotel this week, part of the entry ticket being donated to a cat charity. Here is their link on F.B :-https://www.facebook.com/events/597707580259772/
        Caroline too can check these sites.

    2. Mr. Furtado, I have bee looking for a cat welfare site in India, which PoC should recognise; do You know of one in particular? You have always been so gentle and kind, unlike me. I respect you very much on the pages here. I have not been able to come across any one particular website for felines in India. May I ask, why is this? I just sold my car today so that I could use the monies to charities that are in need, desperately. I would like to give to charities for humans in need, and the other half to cats who are helpless and maligned. Any insight on your part will help immensely. TIA, Caroline

        1. Caroline, you asked in another comment how you can start to do something that helps cat welfare such as stopping declawing. It is difficult knowing how to start. Why don’t you write an article about it? We can then comment and give you some ideas. Just email it to me. Take your time.

            1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

              Caroline YOU write it because we need more people to do this from a fresh point of view, as I said to you on the other page where you asked what you can do!
              Also join those face book anti declaw groups.
              We NEED you!
              Cats NEED you!

          1. Lincoln, Ne’s not that big, only ~250K pop, Bike trails are pretty much the cities main focus. I have a Bub. Your bicycle is gorgeous, sexy even1 My Bub [Bridgestone Urban Bicycle] is very comfortable, a cruiser. Love it! The designer/engineer opened up his own company on the East coast of U.S. -Thanks for adding that last photo, Marc. I was waiting and hoping. (I still and will for a long time, keep your’s and Red’s page open on my browser tab. :))

      1. Rudolph.A.Furtado

        Caroline a British lady by the name of Naomi.Canton is affiliated to the “Bombay Cat Club” is organizing a plush party on 5th July in a Mumbai hotel for the benefit of cat welfare.I was invited as i was a member of the club on “F.B” although i will not be able to attend this party.
        BELOW IS A BRIEF PASSAGE OF THE INVITATION BY “BOMBAY CAT CLUB” ON “F.B (Facebook)”-https://www.facebook.com/events/597707580259772/
        There’s no better place to celebrate the monsoon than at Dome, the city’s best-loved rooftop bar and lounge located at the Intercontinental, Marine Drive. Now fully-covered for the season, the specatular Dome offers an exclusive ambiance and a comfortable weather-controlled environment. Watch the rains come down while enjoying a drink, good music and conversation and a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea and the Marine Drive promenade.

        The in-house DJ for the night will play house music as well as the latest dance tracks as the night progresses.

        A Rs 500 cover charge includes a domestic beer or wine and a donation to charities and individuals working with stray cats.

        This event is being done in collaboration with Network Prive and Facebook Bombay Expats.

        We request our members to RSVP on this event page and also mention their guest details.

        We look forward to seeing everyone!

        Date: 5th of July, Friday
        Time: 8:30 pm onwards
        Location: Dome
        Intercontinental Hotel
        Marine Drive
        Cover Charge: Rs 500
        Inclusive of 1 domestic beer or wine + a donation to charities and individuals working with stray cats

        1. I can smell and see Mumbai when I read your comment. Great comment and an insight into Mumbai life. Thanks for the info about the cat welfare event too.

  15. Please use http://www.charitynavigator.org *and* http://www.bbb.org to aid in determining the best cat welfare charities, Michael. here in the U.S, i mean.

    And I know that you won’t forget our friends in the U.K. and Estonia, amongst the others. (I don’t know which organizations determine a cat charity’s rating on ‘giving’ AMAP to the cats, other than the US.) This is asking alot of you, so if you need any help w/ research, at least for the States, let us know. 🙂

    1. Perhaps you PoC’rs should ignore those two link above–at least a grain of salt. Because there exist many good cat/animal welfare sites that are not officially registered, Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary being one of them.

      That said, I would like you in the US to take a peek at:


      N. Ridgeville, OH petition and mtg. with mayor, and Moore, Oklahoma tornado devastation work for cats:


      Please leave me comments on this?

      1. I love Alley Cat Allies. I do, and I send a modest donation annually, but they are much bigger and seem to collect funds professionally. I get mailers from them often which I always cringe at a bit in this day of internet communication. The paper mailings are so expensive.

        What I love about Cat House on the Kings and Kays Hill Sanctuary is that they both are working in the trenches, grown from a deep need and desire to save cats. The Kings have regular nightmare situations of boxes of kittens left at their gates. Maybe Kays Hill does too. They don’t have time to spend on the education part of cat care taking that POC does. Advertising and requests for donations are primarily web based, run by volunteers. I seldom hear about Kays Hill except on POC. We have a local no-kill cat shelter here in my small town, and they manage to survive as do others.

        I agree with Marc, the more you know about a charity the more likely it is they are getting funded. I think of Marc as a cat rescuer. Known only to his friends here and probably a handful ‘live’ friends. The spirit in which the money was raised will do well to go to little known rescue organizations who work hard at re-homing.

        I don’t envy the decision making! Good luck Michael. Just don’t stress over it too much. Whatever you decide, it will do what it was intended. I’m sure of it.

        I also like that the one of the above is from the US and the other in the UK.

        1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

          Yes Kays Hill often find a cardboard box of cats and kittens at the end of their drive and one day someone left a large dog tied to their gate, once Leanne had managed to calm him down enough to get hold of him, he had to be sent to a dog rescue as they don’t have kennel facilities there.
          I’ll never forget the evening Kevin and Leanne came to rescue the 15 abandoned cats next door to us, they worked until after midnight settling them in and eventually with the help of our local Cats Protection branch, rehomed them all, apart from poor little Gimpy.

        2. Yes, agree with you wholeheartedly. (see comment above)

          Kays Hill Sanctuary, Friends of Felines’ Animal Rescue Center, Abby’s Animal Angels, and all of the others who don’t use available funding to advertise [yikes, I didn’t even realise that Alley Cats Allied mailed out hardcopy), are the cat’s cry for help. Thank you, Dorothy and Marc, et al., for educating me. Actually, I realised this an hr or two into researching possible cat welfare organizations here in the states. I’m a little slow. 😉

          1. In alley cats defense, they are very active politically. That usually demands bigger advertising for bigger donations. They do a lot of good, but for our purposes, keeping it to the lesser funded shelters makes the most sense.

            1. I confess, I donated to them yesterday after rcving an email. I did feel kind of edgy about it, as she didn’t say why they hadn’t met their goal. That is what made my mind wrap around what exactly the dynamics of soliciting funding is about. I feel foolish about my ignorance. Thanks to PoC’rs (including Mr. Furtado (thank you 😉 )I now have an enlightened understanding.

              1. Dorothy, the mailers that you mentioned, if they don’t have an exclusion button to click on, I will Ms. Robinson that I do not want USPS mail sent to me. That usually works. ? 🙂

  16. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

    Wow, what a generous gift in memory of Red! Marc is the bomb! (That means he is good. A patient said that of the rehab tech I was working with the other day, in appreciation of his patience and professionalism.)

    I, of course, would like to suggest The Cat Network in West Allis. I thought of Kays Hill immediately also.

    I have been following WarmFuzzy’s animal rescue in Drexel, Missouri on Facebook and they seem like one of the good ones, serving mostly feral cats or cats with issues which usually would prevent them from being adopted. I’ve been thinking about sending them some money. However, I have only read her posts, I haven’t actually been there. I don’t have time to find the link, but they are easy to find on Facebook, I would think.

    The Cat Network I can vouch for because I go hang out there every Sunday afternoon. I put a little something in their donation jar and then it’s crazy cat lady convention time for a little while. I have a good feel for the place, that they are doing things right. I can’t say that for a place I’ve never been to, but from what I read and the pictures she posts, it seems like WarmFuzzy’s is good also, and they seem to be hard hit by the current downturn of the US economy. I guess that’s probably true of every rescue, however, and I know there are so many that need help.

    1. The bomb – lol 🙂 It’s hard to choose but I think it should go to somebody who is less used to getting regular or big donations.

      I am going to have to look up the onnes mentioned – it’s a good learning thing. I don’t know too many charities/rescues – just some spring to mind but there a thousands of them.

      1. It will be small charities or charity so that all the money is used at the sharp end (less admin). I very much favour that. Need to exercise some care and I think it would be wise to not put all the eggs in one basket i.e. select more than one charity unless there are some special reasons for not doing so.

  17. For once, I’m lost for words. I am so incredibly grateful to Marc for such a wonderful gesture. I have no preference as to country. I would just like to see this go to a needy organization that holds the same values as we do, ie. cats are for life, no kill, no mutilation, plenty of love.

    1. Thanks Dee. Marc’s a great bloke. We’ll make sure it gets to a good place. The most needy. I’d like to take the most vulnerable, sick and unwanted cat and have him loved and well.

    2. Dee, you said it grrl. How does an individual (Marc, Michael) decide where his generous donation goes? I now understand (after my ignorance this morning) that they will donate to those ‘Mom and Pop’ feline welfare operations that struggle to survive on such limited financial resources while making cats’ lives bright and safe, and will be so thrilled to have a huge (to them) donation of Marc’s/PoC’s.

      1. Caroline, my inclination is to donate to smaller or small organisations but at this stage nothing is set in concrete. The important thing is to try and make sure the money is well spent.

          1. Not sure right now. I want to see what you guys think then I’ll take a look and add my two pennies worth and voila. I feel it is important that it is the “right” organisation – one which is suitable as a memorial to Red.

  18. Michael, here’s on place in the US that you might consider for some funds. Links will be below, story first.

    A really kind man, who was a regular contributor to a blog I know, suddenly became ill. He didn’t have much time left, but those of us who “knew him” (virtually, via the internet) knew that he would rest in peace if he knew his cats were taken care of. All of his cats (eleven I think) were ferals or otherwise abandoned cats. He spent the better part of his small income caring for those cats, and he posted every week about them, “Caturday” on Sunday. He was locally known for his work for cats, and had an understanding vet, who knew him well.

    A vet tech at the vet practice found a place that would embrace his cats, and “regulars” contributed to a fund to help the animal sanctuary.

    Not all of his cats went to the sanctuary. At least one went to a regular reader who had fallen in love with “Nagi”. Took a bit of doing to get this kitty to his new home 3000 miles away, but that is the kind of loyalty our “cat man” inspired.

    Here are some links to where the cats are now living:



  19. Cat Hill on the Kings is an amazing charity. I don’t know enough about Kay Hills Sanctuary to comment, but if it helps cats I’m all for it. I am really grateful for Michael and Marc for doing this. There is no greater tribute that can be made — after that moving pictorial essay — than to donate money to help other homeless cats in Red’s name. God bless you both! You did a good thing for Red Marc.

      1. Yes, I hope that he is dreaming about crispy, little ‘mouse’ leaves laid at his feet and romping about in the tall grass with Red. He should have a serene smile on his face while he sleeps… 🙂

  20. Marc, thank you for your generous donation. And, you’ve surely been round and round about this with Michael, but I do wish you’d give some guidance. On the other hand, you have done so much already. Michael asks if it matters (I assume as to decisions) if it matters that 51% of visitors to PoC are Americans (from the US I assume). I can only speak as one “American”, but no, I don’t think that should be a factor at all. I know it slows things down to post with links, but if okay with Michael, I’d encourage it, so that people could click on links to learn about various rescue places that are doing good work.

    1. OK VG, I think what you are suggesting is that I propose some charities and provide links. I am keen to get this as right as possible. I want the regulars to be satisfied.

      1. Hi Michael,

        No, I didn’t mean to say that you should “satisfy the regulars”. I suggested links be posted, so that we could learn about the wonderful work that various places do. I meant, anyone who has an idea, please post a link. Because I myself would like to learn more. I certainly wasn’t meaning to put it all on your shoulders.

          1. It’s a point though that the loyal regulars of PoC who have been coming on for years writing articles and commenting on others should have their chosen charities selected at some point,if not this time.
            This is in no way because I want a charity I support to benefit,I’m not even nominating one because I feel I don’t have the right when my visits to PoC are spasmodic.
            I hope it doesn’t end up a bloodbath like when Barbara won the story compo fair and square,there are always some people spoil others great gestures of generosity by sour grapes.

    2. Marc, you and Red combined as One are a shining star in our universe and on our Earth. kudos!

      Valley Girl, VG, I think that your idea on posting the links is excellent.

  21. And the sun shines on Red’s beautiful resting place. The sky is smiling. Thanks Marc, and thanks Michael, for all you do through POC. Without this website, we never would have known about this amazing cat and the love of his companion. Bravo to you both.

    I recommend an amount goings to Cat House on the Kings, and Kay’s Hill Sanctuary. How can one choose? There are so many.

    1. Thanks Dorothy – Kay’s Hill might be a good one just because they might be less known and get less donations in general.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Hello again Dorothy, you are so kind to mention Kays Hill, Leanne and Kevin have never forgotten your donation which helped build the new desperately needed cattery. We hope to go up next week as Babz is on holiday from Friday and take some photos to share because they have been hard at work making improvements.
      I agree Cat House on the Kings is a worthy charity too, as you say there are so many ……………..

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