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$10,165 crowdfunding money raised for cats of rescuer killed in car accident misappropriated by son and husband — 1 Comment

  1. I m Jennifer. The one raising this money for my dear friend Janice. Everything I wrote in my long reply was true. I still have the emails between GoFundMe and Kent and I. I believe it was actually the son replying to GoFundMe in that 3 way email thread, as Kent is an introverted weird man that doesnt really talk. I would like to correct a couple things Mr. Michael Broad wrote: In regards to the 54 animals, Id like to correct that there were also dogs. In regards to the cats that were on their way to the rescue on that faithful day, 2 died, 2 ran away and the rest I was told were placed with a rescue. The 54 cats and dogs at the home of Janice and Kent were not rescued as Kent didnt allow access. Perhaps he was embarrassed because of the condition of the home. In regards to the girlfriend he married just 4 months after Janice’s death was a woman he dated already before Janice died. Her best friend Dawn Rodriguez, who died of cancer in 2018 was the one cautioning me NOT to release the money to the family as she knew it would never be used to safe the animals. But after the harrassment of this terrible heartless family and their friends saying things like ” You raise money on the back of our dead mother ” , I raise the money for myself” and so on… I just thought I do not deserve to be put through this hell just because I wanted to help. I released the money and than GoFundMe questioned THEIR misuse. They held the money in escrow. But of course they wanted their 3% profit. At first they gave me 3 options since I was the organizer. Release it to Kent, give it back to the donors or come to an agreement with Kent regarding the animals, which would mean he would have to release the 54 poor souls, kept in filthy cages at his home. I told GoFundMe to give all donations back to all Donors, which would have meant that GoFundMe would have not collected their 3%. So GoFundMe released all funds to Kent without my approval after I was given 3 options. I feel terrible that these animals most likely died. The ASPCA is after all a kill place. The only comfort I have is knowing that Janice saw all this from heaven and God saw my heart. Thank you for clarifying this. I really appreciate it as I was attacked from left and right. People were furious that this money was misapplied and the animals died. I felt responsible. But I made peace with it. I know I just wanted to do what Janice would have wanted. I know she turned in her grave…. I will never work with GoFundMe EVER again.

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