104 Cat Breed Pictures

How many cat breeds are there? 104, at least, is the answer and you can see them in this is very functional but, I hope useful, video. There is no sound and the pictures arrive and move on quickly but you can pause the video. The video has to move fast because of the large number of cat breed pictures featured. Videos need to be fairly short to keep the file size of the video manageable, a technical problem.

A lot of people don’t realize there are 104 cat breeds. Actually there are probably more. There lies a difficulty. How do you decide what a cat breed is?

You could say – and I have included one or two under this criteria in the video – that feral or stray cats living exclusively within a confined area which are allowed to breed are as purebred as any registered purebred cat. They will probably be purer, in fact.

There are in the order of about 50-70 mainstream cat breeds so the other half in this video are quite rare. Even some of the mainstream ones are fairly rare.

A classic case concerning the difficulty in discussing the cat breeds is the Turkish Angora. This is a well known and popular cat breed. In the USA and Europe it is a purebred cat with a pedigree. It is therefore registered with a cat association.

In Turkey, the place where the Turkish Angora comes from, it is not a registered cat breed. It is a moggie. And it looks very different. In looks more like a real Turkish Angora.

You would have to classify the Turkish Angora in Turkey as a cat breed despite looking different and having no recorded pedigree with a cat association. This gives us the clue as to the tricky nature of showing off cat breed pictures in a video.

As it happens I made an earlier video of 77 cat breeds, the mainstream ones but, ironically,  forgot to add one of my favorites, the Savannah cat.

The video below is much better known but probably less good:

There you have it. Now I will make a video about the 36 wild cat species. Are there 36 wild cat species? That is another tricky question. And finally, visitors should know that all the cat breeds and all the moggies and feral cats are one cat species: Felis silvestris catus.

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12 thoughts on “104 Cat Breed Pictures”

  1. Ankara Kedisi Derneği

    Michael, many thanks for mentioning real Angora cats in this article! Our longhair random bred Anatolian cats are certainly Angoras (genetically), they don’t have a really homogenous look like fancy cats, but still they are similar when we compare cats from different cities of Turkey. ”A purebred” fancy cat could be easily created from our Angora cats, probably similar in look like furry Ankara Zoo cats and bred according to standard what represents Angora cats best.

    104 cat breeds – that’s a lot of them! How many cat breeds are really natural, having geographic origins (I hope ”Persian” cat does not count)?

    1. Hi, nice to hear from you guys. How many breeds are natural? Good question. The trouble in answering that question is that all cat breeds that are registered with the major cat associations are no long natural because they have been selectively breed for ages. There are some cat breeds that were natural and there are some that are still natural. The ones that are still natural are like the real Turkish Angora in Turkey. There are probably some Siamese cats in Thailand. I don’t know. And there are some Kuriilan Bobtails on the Kuril Islands off Russia. These are just examples. The best example is the Turkish Angora in Turkey.

      The trouble with cat breeds is that they are very complicated because people got involved and bred the cats under unnatural rules.

  2. Yes, there are 36 wildcat species currently. There are a few that are dying off in zoos and personal collects somewhere, but they are, sadly, doomed.

    I have a word file I made of all the current domestic breeds I could find and I see several you have that I don’t recall having. I’ll double check when the world slows down and let you know the few I have that you don’t. I do have some breeds that are ‘in the works’ so too speak, so I don’t really count those. Here is a list of the wildcats currently alive on earth last check:
    African Golden Cat
    African Lion
    African Wild Cat
    Amur Leopard
    Andean Mountain Cat
    Asian Golden Cat
    Asian Wild Cat
    Asiatic Cheetah
    Asiatic Lion
    Bengal Tiger
    Black Footed Cat
    Black Lion
    Bornean Bay Cat
    Canadian Lynx
    Chinese Mountain Cat
    Clouded Leopard
    Eurasian Lynx
    European Wild Cat
    Fishing Cat
    Flat Headed Cat
    Geoffroy’s Cat
    Golden Tabby Tiger
    Iberian Lynx
    Indochinese Tiger
    Iriomote Cat
    Javan Tiger
    Jungle Cat
    King Cheetah
    Leopard Cat
    Malayan Tiger
    Marbled Cat
    Pallas Cat
    Pampas Cat
    Panther Atrox
    Persian Leopard
    Rusty Spotted Cat
    Sand Cat
    Scottish Wild Cat
    Siberian Tiger
    Snow Leopard
    South China Tiger
    Sumatran Tiger
    Sunda Clouded Leopard
    Tiger Cat
    White Lion

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