11 minute fire at animal hospital killed at least 7 cats

Fire an animal hospital kills 7 cats
Fire at Durham animal hospital
Reporter: Rosalia Fodera
Photographer: Lauren DesArmo
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The fire at Durham, North Carolina, animal hospital was put out in 11 short minutes but it killed at least 7 cats in that time. No other animals were hurt in the report from WRAL.com.

Update: I have since learnt that although the fire was brought under control in 11 minutes, it raged fiercely at its peak. A burglary alarm was set off which alerted firefighters who were dispatched at 9:53 pm. The fire occurred at the rear of the building.

Animal hospital fire killed 7 cats
Animal hospital fire killed 7 cats. Screenshot.

There was heavy fire damage to one room and smoke damage to the rear of the building. Fourteen dogs and an iguana were rescued. There were no injuries to personnel. The cause is currently unknown.

Comment: It must have been in an area where there were only cats. There is no other way to account for the heavy toll on cats and no other animals.

Sorry I don’t have more information. It is the first time I have reported on a fire at an animal hospital and one which resulted in the sad of loss of life of domestic cats being treated at the hospital.

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