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12 cats illegally dumped from a car in front of a Dayton animal shelter. Staff spent the day chasing cats.

Close to a dozen cats were dumped outside a Dayton, Ohio animal shelter on Monday only hours before a snowstorm was due to hit. Only one is still on the loose after climbing a tree (rescue is underway).

cats abandoned outside shelter (Humane Society of Greater Dayton)

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton is a limited intake no-kill shelter where an appointment must be made to surrender a cat. Instead of following the rules, a person in an older model green Lexus pulled in front of the Nicholas Road shelter and released about 12 cats before speeding off.

The staff has spent all morning searching the woods for the terrified cats. Some ran into the woods, others climbed trees or hid. None of the cats were in cages or carriers. Thankfully, 11 cats have been rescued and the staff is still trying to rescue one cat up a tree. The Dayton area is under a winter weather advisory.

Humane Society president and CEP, Brian Weltge, stated during an interview with WHIO News

“Abandoning cats in a matter like this is not only illegal, but it is dangerous or even life-threatening to these poor cats. These cats could have run into the road. These cats could be prey to larger animals such as coyotes. These cats could be harmed with the snow coming.

Simply letting cats loose like this is not the way to do it. We are here to help the people in our community and the animals, but we can’t do that when animals are just let loose in this manner.”

one cat ran up a tree (WHIO)

The cats will be cared for but illegal abandonment of these cats has put a strain on everyone from the staff to the fosters to the vet team.

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Elisa Black-Taylor

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