12 facts about the Nebelung cat

Here are 12 listed facts about the Nebelung cat. I hope you find them useful. Intro: this is quite a rare breed and a long-haired version, as I understand it, of the better known Russian Blue. I think this is a very beautiful and one of the most attractive purebred cats alongside another favourite of mine the Somali, which is a long-haired Abyssinian cat, as you might know. It is one of the grey cat breeds.

Nebelung cat
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Photo of Nebelung Cat Lovenblues Mozart Bronikowski copyright © Helmi Flick.

  1. The name “Nebelung” means “creature of the mist” describing the long-haired blue coat with silver tipping creating a silver mist effect.
  2. The Nebelung is a semi-long-haired cat of foreign type. Foreign type means slenderish.
  3. It is the only long-haired breed which is exclusively blue in colour i.e. grey, in North America. But note that breeders in other countries are creating new Russian colours.
  4. The eyes are an intense green colour.
  5. The breed originates in northern Russia.
  6. They were shown at British cat shows more than 100 years ago.
  7. The breed is recognise as a championship breed with The International Cat Association (TICA).
  8. The first registered Nebelungs in North America were Brunhilde (born 1985) and Siegfried (born 1984) from a cattery located in the Denver, Colorado area named: Nebelheim. These are the foundation cats for the breed in N. America.
  9. The cat has a dense undercoat which causes the hairs to stand out away from the body.
  10. The Nebelung can be outcrossed i.e. mated, with Russian Blues for genetic diversity. This may cause some kittens to have a shorter coat than is required under the breed standard.
  11. The only acceptable colour in North America for this cat is blue in the traditional category, solid division.
  12. They have a sweet and gentle nature but may be shy with strangers especially young children according to Gloria Stephens a former show judge. Once allowed to settle into their new home they become loyal and devoted companions. They are described as being quiet, reserved and undemanding. They might be suitable for apartment living.
Male Nebelung: Aleksandr van Song de Chine

Male Nebelung: Aleksandr van Song de Chine. Photo: Wikipedia under a creative commons license.


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