12 kittens come out of the forest when their ‘point kitten’ confirms rescuer is non-hostile

12 kittens come out of the undergrowth when they see that their 'point man' is safe with the human rescuer
12 kittens come out of the undergrowth when they see that their ‘point man’ is safe with the human rescuer. Screenshot.
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A good man sees a tiny tabby-and-white kitten at the side of the road. He stops his car and the kitten comes over asking to be rescued. He accepts the request and picks up the kitten. Immediately he does so the mates of the rescued kitten came out of the undergrowth from the forest and also ask to be rescued. Their “point man” had confirmed to them that the human who was going to rescue them was a decent person and not hostile. Immediately that that signal had been conveyed to the other kittens they came forward seeking their chance to be looked after for the rest of their lives. It’s very cute and I’m impressed with these kittens who have used their best efforts to survive. The underlying question is how the hell did these kittens find themselves in the forest or the long grass by the side of the road? This is a dozen kittens. What is going on? Where is the mother? Were they abandoned by somebody? Too many questions and no answers.

Update: I am able to add a little bit of detail to the story. The rescuer is Robert Brantley. The place is Louisiana, USA. He was driving to a shooting range when he saw the kitten. His wife had wanted a cat for their farm. He decided to rescue the kitten. When the 12 others arrived, he scooped them all up and put them into his vehicle as well. This posed a challenge. His vehicle was already quite full with stuff for his rifle range shooting exploits. The way he got them into his car was to close the door and open the window and “funnel them in”. That’s about all we know for the time being. It seems that he is looking after them all. A great rescue story. I would expect him to rehome them all except the first one.

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5 thoughts on “12 kittens come out of the forest when their ‘point kitten’ confirms rescuer is non-hostile”

  1. yeah but why are you yanks doing nothing always talk, do the right thing. Stop breeding. And stop breeding domestic cats.

  2. ROFLMAO! Too funny “Hot Diggity Dog” he saved them all! That had to be a couple of litters dumped on the road. So glad he rescued them. People can be so cruel because none of them would have survived had he not seen the one. Kittens 1 POS Owner Zero

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