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120 cats killed at no-kill shelter because of calicivirus outbreak — 7 Comments

  1. What is their intake protocol? They mentioned in the facebook posts that they don’t test for viruses, but do they vaccinate all incoming animals? If yes, then calicivirus is a core vaccine included in the combo kitten/cat vaccines that they would have gotten on intake. So a lot of them should have been protected from coming down with clinical symptoms. If only a few were tested and some came back negative as stated above, there needs to be more of an investigation into their choices here to wipe out the whole group. Did it come down to lack of money and resources to care for them??? Who made the decision?

    • Good questions and the shelter have not been open about this. They admit that they failed (i.e. in terms of protocol). Their Facebook post does not say that they killed the cats, as I recall. The news media tell us they killed the cats.

  2. This is truly heartbreaking…I don’t understand why all could not have been treated and the shelter closed during this time to ensure all the kids would be well cared for. Killing all just seems to be a piss poor excuse and an easy fix. I agree with Jane and Albert in their comments.

  3. This is so shabby, as usual, poor, poor cats.

    How many more times do we have to learn that cats have been slaughtered due to piss poor shelter practice?

    I would have some serious questions for the veterinary supervision of this shelter, as well as for the management.

    It is far to easy, and lazy, to blame the workers & volunteers.

    Again, poor cats.

    • So? Send enough money that they all need to quarantine and pay for the costs for tests and vaccines for every cat that comes into every shelter for as long as it takes. Do something about it, don’t just complain about it. You’re right, it’s far too easy and lazy to blame the workers and volunteers. This is your fault and the fault of everyone just like you for not helping them at all.

  4. People who have a job of caring for animals need to do better than this. When you’re in a position of responsibility, you need to actually be responsible and not just kill your way out of a problem. This is shameful and beyond sad.

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