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13 Surprising Signs of Braininess — 9 Comments

  1. Let’s see, when I was in elementary school I had the vocabulary of a high school senior. That much is true. I’ve never read Tolstoy but when I was a kid I read books that would have made my mom blush. I never told her about those. Since I have a hard enough time taking prescription drugs I’ve never done street drugs. I scored pretty high on IQ tests and I am a liberal on most issues. Took choir in school, liked art and English better. I have no idea if I was breastfed but when I moved out of my Mom’s house the first thing I did was adopt a cat.

  2. Alan_That’s right ! and a perfect summation of the facts; but although I rank at the top as eldest sibling within my parents litter; at 5/3-1/2 I could be stunted on the rung.

    If you get my meaning then you might be tall?


  3. So, in short, I am smart if I am a tall skinny left handed musically talented drug taking oldest sibling who owns a cat drinks too much and I’m a nervous wreck who likes telling jokes, was breastfed as a baby and read Tolstoy before starting school.

      • Less than 50% of it, read Tolstoy at 50 something, only I like my musical abilities, I haven’t seen any drugs since the seventies, I’m not nervous and I don’t drink, I’m not skinny or particularly tall, I do have a cat a sense of humour and I am left handed.
        Average at best!
        Oh! I believe I was breastfed but I’ll be damned if I will ask my mother for confirmation, that’s a conversation I really don’t want to get into.

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