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140,000 Dollar Australian Cat Story — 15 Comments

  1. I love cats, but I’d sell it for this much. Either way the cat would be scared and upset for a while, then adapt to the situation in fact it’d probably struggle more moving house as cats are very territorial. The new buyers seem nice and to want a cat so I’m sure they’d be good parents to it. I think the cat would be as happy in this situation tbh. Also 140K isn’t as much when you have 2 million, maybe then I wouldn’t, idk, but atm when I have, well, considerably less money then it means much more, it’s life changing and i believe would benefit both me and the cat and perhaps even future moral causes.

  2. Thanks for the article and your wise sentences used within the article, Michael <3

    But I will only answer one question.

    "But if the price is AU$140,000 even the best cat caretaker might think twice.

    Think what you could do with that money in terms of cat welfare and cat rescue."

    My answer: I will never sell any of my cat even the price is offered for the wealth of all the countries.
    Reason: I will rather trust in ONE GOD and with full spirit that I will never sell my children.

    Thank you for sharing Michael, I had nothing to share other than this, just I have shared every article of yours on facebook.

    <3 <3 <3

  3. Well I find it Appalling why would anyone sell their Loved Cat even if it did cost 140.000 with their House I sure wouldnt. Even the Son didn’t want this to happen. Its really sad. It will just create a fear thing and look at the sad look on the Cat’s Face. I still don’t understand really why people buy expensive Cats. I mean i know they are beautiful and Pedigree Cats are lovely. I much Prefer Moggies or Domestic Cats. Too many are in Shelters or Killed for just one Pedigree.

  4. Not something that I would ever consider.

    What kind of people toss their cat into a property negotiation?
    The kind of people who shouldn’t keep a cat.

    Tiffany may be better off with new caretakers.

  5. ‘But if the price is AU$140,000 even the best cat caretaker might think twice’
    NO NO NO this cat caretaker wouldn’t sell our cats for ten million pounds, nor for a hundred million, nor for a million million, they are family and you don’t sell your family.
    I hate that money is more important to some people than anything else!

            • Interestingly I am stuck in a place where I must get rid of a cat possibly, who I really like but who can’t get along with my 3. It’s heartbreaking and painful and it’s unsustainable. But i can’t yet convince the previous owner that it’s not selfish but actually better to give her to some place she can be happy, without cats and only humans.

              Sometimes there’s a fine line between being posessive and being selfless. It’s tooo easy to say to oneself ‘she knows me and it would be wrong to give her away she needs me’ when actually it’s that one doesn’t want to give her away rather than it being bad for the cat to give it away. A very fine line.

              Its about the happiness of the cat.

              It’s feasable this cat is better off staying with the house.

              Actually we will not know and can only judge this uninformed.

              • Hi Marc, great to hear from you. You are spot on: the decision is entirely about what is right for the cat. The person is out of the equation entirely in this sort of tough decision because the cat will settle in, in due course.

                In this story I pose the question whether it is better for a cat to stay in a home he knows and get used to a new caretaker. No one asks that question normally but it makes the point about territory versus human companion/caretaker.

  6. As a seller of the house; NO, I would not give up my cat! I’d consider the cat a family member. Would it be ethical to sell a family member? These people might .. in order to sell their house. That’s them .. I would not be like them (not if I truly loved my pet .. it would be morally/ethically wrong). If you’d do that for $$$ you obviously have no heart. What of the feelings of this cat? Do they care? Yes … a cat can adapt to a change in their life (but it takes time); But .. they definitely DON’T like a change of routine.

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