$142 to give to a cat charity this month. Please select one.

Cat charity work

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January 2014 was a bumper month for comments. There were 2,848! The starting number was 23,755 and the ending number was 26,603.  Fantastic. Under the PoC 5 cents per comment scheme that makes $142 USD.

That is a good amount, I think.  I’d like people to select a worthy cat charity please. I prefer small organisations or individuals. PoC does give to large organisations, sometimes. It is just that I prefer to try and make sure that the money gets to the cats and not administrators.

I have someone in mind. The person is Dee in Florida. She is a great supporter of PoC and more importantly of cats and cat welfare.

I have no idea what her money status is like but….my message to Dee: if you could do with a few extra bucks, tell me. That does not mean it is a done deal. Someone may have other ideas and I’ll listen, of course. But I think it is time to think of Dee.

And I am thinking of all the wonderful comments that add to the page and the interesting and informative articles written by PoC writers. Thanks a lot.

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73 thoughts on “$142 to give to a cat charity this month. Please select one.”

  1. Just another moment to thank everyone here for thinking of me. I was blown away.
    You have lifted a real worry and fear off of me.
    I’m going to plan on kick starting everything by the end of the month but will coordinate things with the vet very soon and get a schedule in place. It will take some time to trap and vaccinate all, there but there shouldn’t be any lapses with this early start.
    I love you all.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Good luck Dee, it must take such a lot of doing trapping those cats for vaccinations, I admire and love you very much x

      1. I would love to, but the only camera that I have is an 8mm which is over 30 years old.
        I thought about developing, then scanning the photo , and sending in an email to you.
        Do you think that would work?

        1. That would be too much work, Dee. Fiddle and troublesome. Don’t worry. It was just an idle thought.

          I am not sure you have an 8mm camera as that is an old format for cine film (movie format). Unless you mean 110 Kodak format for stills.

          1. Looking for it…
            OK. It says Nikon Fun Touch 2 and takes film that needs to be developed. I don’t know what any of that means.
            I really don’t mind any work at all if it can be done.
            I, also, have one of the old Kodak Sun 600 instant cameras that film can’t be found for anymore unless paying an arm and a leg to buyers on Ebay.

            1. You’re living in the 1980s 😉 That said, film cameras take decent pics. What you could do is ask the processor of the film to scan the pics onto a disc or store them onto a flash USB drive then just plug it in to your computer.

              1. OK, I’ll ask.
                But, I would love it if someone could point me in the right direction to find a reasonable camera that is workable for my purposes.
                I am camera illiterate. Maybe, something on Amazon that I’m not too dumb to use.

          2. Idle thought? I think not sir! To see her cats would be to love her more!

            Dee, honest, the new low cost plug and play cameras are a cake walk. The instructions may look daunting, but it is intuitive. It could add to your life! Look at Ruth and Babz!

            But I hear ya. Only if you want it will it be good.

            1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

              Babz and I bought each other half a camera each for Christmas, just a small Canon one but it has a video facility too and a delayed action thingy where Babz can set it up and run to join me to be in the pic too. Don’t ask me how it works as I only know how to aim, take a pic, take the little memory card out and put it in the computer.
              I never read instructions as I can’t understand them anyway lol but Babz patiently shows me how to do new things.
              It does enhance our life but I wouldn’t worry too much at the moment Dee while you have so much on your plate with cats vaccinations to see to on top of all the rest you do for them x

              1. I agree with Ruth. Also modern devices are often way too complicated and they include too many options. I’m pretty good at technology but like almost everyone else I like simple machinery that does the job.

            2. Idle thought? I think not sir!

              The idea was to take the pressure of her to do it. I don’t want to pressurize Dee because I know she is busy taking care of her cats 😉

              1. But admit it! You’d like a peek.

                I’d like to follow her around for a week to help. Honest. It has to be a daunting chore of love and devotion to vaccinate some 50 cats (I don’t really know the number, just a guess). But when you must, it has a way of happening.

                Best wishes Dee. You are a true hero.

              2. All are welcome here to help with the trappings or just watch.
                There are about a dozen that I can, possibly, get into carriers. The remainder will have to be trapped in the wee morning hours when hungry.
                The resistent last few have to be, literally, tackled, and put in the traps. It can get a little bloody even with the garb I wear. But, it has to be.

              1. I am determined to make it happen, for sure.
                Probably, around April when things are a tad quieter.
                And, don’t tell anyone, I have a birthday in April. My daughter always begs me to tell her what I really want, and I say, “Nothing”. So, I’ll get some things that she knows I treasure, ie, cat food, litter, etc.
                This year, She’ll be shocked to hear me say, “Camera”. But, she’ll be thrilled, and it will be a done deal.

              2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

                What a good idea, a camera for your birthday prezzie from your daughter. I know someone else with a birthday in April, a BIG birthday on which she should have been retiring and have some freedom. We are still battling to get that last discriminatory against women both in 1953/1954 reversed which would bring it down to age 64 …..bad enough but better than 65 and 1/2.

  2. Hi, I have just made the PayPal payment to Dee. Here is the receipt online (I redacted her surname in case she wanted to keep it private – some ladies like to do that for security reasons).

  3. I just donated 500 dollars to a lady with an FIV cat with stomatitis and another cat who’s kidneys are failing. Poor lady. The FIV cat is a big guy called Pasha and the old lady black cat who is not looking good in terms of her kidneys is called Sima. She is getting sub-fluids every day now and her children – who happen to all live with her after so many years, are all licking her and taking good care of her but it’s very sad. She has one daughter and 4 sons – all from the same litter – all still with her in the same home. Normally they do their own thing but now her daughter especially won’t leave her side – it’s very sad indeed – heartbreaking. Her daughter will be lost without her mama. The brothers/sons too. I hope Sima lives longer. Pasha meanwhile had half his teeth out and will have the rest out as soon as he is ready for surgery again. But he is depressed because he’s lost so many teeth. He was a feral cat with FIV most his life and just a couple years ago joined the home. He must feel a lack of defences without his teeth – I was thinking this could be why he is depressed. And his other teeth must go too. Poor boy. http://pasha-the-kitty.blogspot.com/

    Anyhow – I felt the need to make that my donation this month.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      How kind you are Marc. There really are some wonderful people in our PoC family.
      We’ve helped Paula’s cause who was evicted from her Sanctuary not far from here, it’s awful, the animals are still there, being looked after by someone the mortgage form has employed.
      I think she is at court today over the eviction being illegal.
      There are so many who deserve help and our very own Dee is one and I’m so happy that she has accepted this month’s donation. She is a veritable Earth Angel.

      1. Oh poor Paula – Are people going to take the animals or will the mortgage company ‘get rid’ of them? How sad – I really hope she makes it and the animals don’t lose her.

        I wonder how much money she would need to fix the problem – do you know?

        1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

          I think it’s around £40,000 raised now Marc, more than enough to have paid off her debts and keep the Sanctuary running if it wasn’t too late, but seemingly it is. The latest news is that Rescue Centres all over the country have offered to take in the animals and the money will be used for transporting them and to help the Sanctuaries taking them in. Marion had already offered to take all the cats before this came up so hopefully if it comes to that she will receive some money too for their needs and the rest of the cats in her care. No one seem to know exactly how many animals are still there, the RSPCA took some who needed specialised care. It’s all a mess at present, Paula must be heartbroken she isn’t even allowed to go and see them.

          1. What – she can’t even go see them? My god – and it’s too late you say? The company would clearly prefer the opportunity of taking the whole place rather than letting her pay to fix the situation.

            At least all the animals will be cared for. Thank goodness for that!

            1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

              The mortgage company called the police yesterday to a peaceful protest by supporters, no one unautherised by them can go on that land.
              Yes the animals are being cared for which is the main thing, we are all just awaiting the outcome.

    2. Oh, Marc. This is such a heartbreaker.
      You are such a sweetheart.
      I admire Sima’s and Pasha’s caretakers, not only because they are taking such good care of their cats when some people would never bother, but because thay took the necessary steps to get the financial help they need to keep doing the right thing. I, also, have an appreciation for their transparency in sharing the vet bills.
      A legit and worthy cause.
      Great choice, Marc.

      1. Thx Dee – yes I think Ani is very nice and does a great job of looking after Pasha and her bunch. I’m so sad about Sima. I’m glad you agree it was the right thing to do. I know that just having Pasha’s teeth out is very expensive. She set her target for 2000 dollars but with Sima so ill I doubt even that will be enough. Sadly, just to complicate, it seems that Sima has a tooth issue and would have to be under anasthetic just to check out the issue. Poor Sima – she’s old and it’s just hard. I know Ani is finding it hard to cope. I have my fingers crossed Sima makes it a good while longer.

      2. By the way – I’m really glad you got this month’s PoC donation – I think that’s perfect – I am trying to stay off the net on weekends so I wasn’t there but I would have voted for you as well 🙂

  4. Yes, I will humbly accept if I think that it is OK with everyone else like Marc, Dan, Rudolph, Caroline, our new Kylee, Jo, Elisa, Sarah… and no one has another preference.
    Did I forget anyone?
    What do we think our very own Woody would say?

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      yayyyyyyyyyy so glad you are accepting it Dee and I can’t think anyone will object and if Woody comes along with any sarcastic comments he will be sorry he was ever born, we will hunt him down and punch his lights right out.

      1. I would love to see that – you sitting on top of Pee Pee Woody punching him as he descends to hell and, then, your angel wings wisk you upward and onward.
        And, the big booming voice (I took this from one of your comments) says “You reap what you sow”.

    2. I am very pleased Dee. Now for the nitty gritty practical stuff. Do you have a PayPal account? If not PoC can probably pay direct by international bank transfer online as this now available.

          1. Michael – for future reference you can assign all charges to yourself by sending the money “as a gift to family or friends” – then the reciever gets the exact amount intended.

            1. Thanks Marc. I did that this time. I was a bit uncertain about doing it when I am paying for a service (meaning paying for an article) but as the site is essentially a charity these days (or non-profit) I think that is the way to go. I’ll give it a try more often.

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    ps you are not depriving anyone else, it’s only one month’s donation and plenty more months coming for others to receive one in the future.

    1. Exactly Ruth! Do it Dee. You give back in so many ways. Heck, even here all the good advice and honest caring is so valuable.

  6. OMG! I’m stunned.
    I’m not very good at accepting help. I feel so privileged just to be a part of this community, and I take so much as it is – the knowledge, caring, solice, support, and so many laughs.
    I’m not sure what to say. There are just so many people in need. I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone.
    The truth of my situation is that the day to day operations here are manageable. It’s only when a wrench is thrown in that things get sticky.
    DW hit on my biggest wrench. In the next few months, I have to get my colonies vaccinated for rabies again. It’s the law, and a $54 fine/cat is levied for any lapse or the cat(s) have to be forfeited to the county.
    I’m pretty good at pulling rabbits out of hats, but this is a toughy for me. It will be done, ofcourse, but there will be consequences to holding on to that small chunk of change (like late bill payments).
    I’m fortunate to be able to get very low cost vaccinations ($3/cat) and know that $142 would cover all of my ferals. I just can’t help but feel that there may be someone else more deserving.
    Plus, I don’t know how I would be able to show how the $$ was spent. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I’m selfish or frivolous.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Dee do you know what, you have to be able to receive as well as to give and by accepting this donation you would make a lot of us very happy.
      Why would we want you to show how it was spent? We wouldn’t! We know it will be to help cats and that’s all we want or need to know.
      Babz and I have had donations for our local needy cats and now it’s YOUR turn, you are actually looking after needy cats all by yourself, so just accept it PLEASE xx

    2. Dee, all of us can’t be wrong and we all agree that you should be the worthy recipient this month so please do take it and use it however you see fit (we promise not to think you’re selfish or frivolous LOL) you deserve it to save you worrying about those rabies vaccines and the feral cats deserve it so they can continue to live safely under your protection. We’re all happy! 🙂

  7. Wow. The great minds of POC. Dee was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the title on the email letter from POC. I arrived here, and voila!

    I asked her in a comment recently about her work with cats, but I didn’t pry deeply. I still won’t do that, I hope she will accept the gift and do with it what she will. Last night I was thinking about how she manages getting all the cats vaccinated. And wormed etc.

    I love the picture above. It is symbolic of ladies like Dee.

    Yippee! Three cheers for Dee!

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      That makes three of us as well as Michael so far then Dorothy as Babz and I were saying the other day to each other wouldn’t it be good for Dee to have the January donation for all the wonderful work she does!

    2. DW at first it was Ruth’s idea but it had crossed my mind as well. Let’s see what Dee says.

      I love the ladies who quietly go about their business of helping the vulnerable unwanted stray cats. For me they are heroines.

        1. Yes Dee. I saw that response. Even more, it is your turn to receive. I love knowing that you were coming up for the need when the idea was spread evenly and separately across POC. I love it when the magic happens.

  8. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    I think it would be wonderful for Dee to receive this donation to help towards feeding all those feral cats she cares for.
    I know from how much the cat food for only two cats costs that those cats must cost a lot to feed.
    Dee I hope you will accept it in the spirit it is being given, please please do and make your PoC family who love and admire you greatly, very happy!

  9. I think giving the money to Dee to help care for all those cats she looks after is a wonderful idea, I had no idea until recently how many cats she has in her care and was astounded at her love and devotion to them all, this doesn’t mean that Dee’s ability to finance the cats care is in doubt, it just seems a nice idea to give her a cash boost to get ahead of herself and get some money in the cats piggybanks and is a case of POCers looking after their own much loved friend.

    1. Well said Babz. She doesn’t talk about it much but Dee works hard to care for a lot of cats and it is tricky to do that. Some people don’t like cat people.

      1. In fact Michael, I’d like to pull a mini version of our dear Marc, and up the donation to Dee to $175.00. Can I pay-pal the balance to you sir?

          1. I’ve wished that often myself. Our pages here become more like Facebook all the time. Quick comments for that very valuable nickel!

        1. Hi DW, sorry for the delay in responding. I have been out for a bit today. What a great gesture. Thanks DW. You’re a diamond lady. It might be best to wait and see how we decide to make the donation to Dee and then talk again.

        2. Thank you so much, Dorothy.
          I worry about Bigfoot and his situation.
          Are you sure about this?
          Probably a dumb question, because I have a feeling that Dorothy doesn’t do anything that Dorothy doesn’t want to do.

          1. Truer words, never spoken! Nothing for Bigfoot will change because of your colonies being vaccinated.

            Would I love to see a video of that process. The management must be colossal. Keeping track of who got what. The trauma for the cats being trapped. Re-establishing their trust. I’m sure you don’t have to trap them all. Some come right up to you, true? But still.. A massive undertaking. It takes a lot of love and fortitude to do what you do. I have great admiration of you.

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