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16-year-old cat dropped off at a vet clinic to euthanize because owner was ‘done with her’ — 10 Comments

  1. Hi! I’m Suzy Hudson and I want to adopt a kitty from the Paradise fires. I was looking for a tortoise shell, but would take any kitty that needs a home. I live in Bonners Ferry, ID, but would be willing to go to the airport in Spokane, WA, to pick her/him up. I provide a loving and healthy home and would take care of a kitty in whatever condition she/he would be in. I have a five month old tortoise shell kitty who is getting spayed this month and would give anything to be able to help with another.

  2. Might have even been vaccinated against FIV, which would make her show positive. Not that FIV is a big deal anyway! Obviously it isn’t, since she’s 19!

    • Correct Shannon! I actually just found this out at the vet yesterday with my senior FIV cat. She looks so good for her age and doesn’t have any symptoms of ANY illness. I rescued her about 3 years ago after she was abandoned so I don’t know her fill medical history but it is possible she was vaccinated and apparently will always test positive now.

  3. I made the suggestion that since Freckles is at a vet clinic she could be made into a welcome ambassador and greet the customers. People love going into businesses where a dog or cat is there to greet them.

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