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1930s Persian cat compared with 2000 variant (picture) — 5 Comments

  1. I totally agree with Michael that the modern Persian has been over bred or shall I say selectively inbred till it has become a sad monstrosity. Are there people out there with the doll faced Persian who agree? Let me know

    • Thanks Ashok. It is nice to hear from a person who agrees on this. It surprises me that the cat associations have allowed this to happen. It is a failure of oversight and management.

      • Because of Little Mercy’s distinctive features I started doing some research on the doll face Persian. While she is by no means a purebred there is a growing fracture between the breeders of these poor cats and the more traditional Persian cat. The cat on the left is stunning

        • The doll face is a misnomer really. It should be called the original Persian. They – the cat associations – screwed up and let breeders overdo it and then cemented the extreme appearance in their breed standard.

  2. This happens to a greater or lesser degree in all pedigree animals as breeders look for new and exciting ways to impress the judges with animal deformities that become breed standards.

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