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1932: ‘Cat and I’ by Italian photographer Wanda Wulz

This is a picture of a cat and therefore highly suitable for this website! It is called ‘Cat and I’ by Italian photographer Wanda Wulz who blended the image of her cat and herself in 1932. Back in those days you had to be quite skilful to blend two images together.

They were the days of film, developing, printing, chemicals and enlargers. This example is perhaps the best known of her photographs. In 1932 she joined the futurist movement after ‘meeting Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in an art exhibition. Her photography in the late 1930s would frequently incorporate superposed images and motion’ (Wikipedia). Wanda Wulz: (Trieste, 25 July 1903 – Trieste, 16 April 1984)

Photo: Wanda Wulz 1932

Here is Wanda and the cat she used in the photo. I have a feeling that the cat was her companion.

Wanda and the cat she used in the merged image.
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Michael Broad

Hi, I am 70-years-of-age at 2019. For 14 years before I retired at 57, I worked as a solicitor in general law specialising in family law. Before that I worked in a number of different jobs including professional photography. Some people have insulted me homophobically by saying I am gay. I am not. I have had a girlfriend for more than 20 years.

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