2 girls stand over their cat killed on a road where they are about to be hit by a van behind them

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a picture taken from a security camera video of two girls who are standing in the middle of what appears to be a 4-lane dual carriageway road in Buena Park, Los Angeles, USA. They are looking at their dead cat who had only just been killed by a vehicle on that road. Right behind them is a white van which is about to hit them. One of them was killed and the other survived.

Reluctantly, I have decided that the picture has to be shown on a separate page where there are no adverts because some people would consider the picture to be disturbing. Although initially the picture looks rather benign but when you study it you realise that something awful is about to happen. Advertisers don’t like to be linked to pictures which are difficult to look at.

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Two girls stand over their cat killed on the road where they are about to be hit themselves by a van behind them. Video screenshot

It happened last Tuesday at about 6 AM in the morning. The young woman was declared dead at the scene. She was 17-years-of-age. Neighbours say that this stretch of the road is dangerous. That’s all we know. If you know more than you might like to contact the local police department at 714-562-3941.

COMMENT: This is both shocking and strange. The news item says that they ran into the road to check out their cat. But they were actually standing in the middle of the road and this appears to be a dual carriageway. They were at the central area where there would normally be a central reservation. They had their backs turned to potential oncoming traffic. That’s the first peculiarity. The second peculiarity is that the van driver ploughed into them. He/she must’ve seen them. It would seem that he/she was distracted and was not looking at the road ahead.

For some reason the two young women thought it was safe to stand in the road. This needs to be investigated. They clearly liked or were emotionally connected to their cat because they had gone out into the road to, I presume, recover him/her and taken a risk in doing it.

It is the first story that I have read in 14 years where a cat owner was killed on the road immediately after their cat had been killed by traffic. That’s why I am writing about it. It is very tragic and a sad story.

It reminds us that if you live near a busy road, you should really keep your cat inside the home full-time and I’m not criticising anybody. It’s just too dangerous because roads are probably the biggest killer of adult cats in America other than shelters euthanising cats because they’ve got no more space.

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Below is the video from which the screenshot is taken. Correctly, it does not run all the way to the point where the van hits the women but the original video must show it.

This is an embedded video from a news website and as a consequence I have no control over it. If it disappears over time then I’m sorry but you got the screenshot which is poor quality because the security camera quality is poor. Note: if you’re wondering why I am showing the video on this page and not the image it is because AI software picks up still images but can’t recognise videos containing difficult content.

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