2 reasons why China could invade Taiwan soon (2023)

This is indirectly about cats as it is about all of us, anywhere on the planet. And it is very much about the domestic and feral cats of Taiwan. I’m going to stick my neck out and say that China will quite possibly invade Taiwan soon as there is a window of opportunity.

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Firstly, China has built up its military assiduously over the recent years. It is at its peak while their economy is declining. You need a good economy to maintain a good military. Arguably China’s military is at a peak that won’t be surpassed. It is time to use it.

China at ‘height of military power’ as Xi poised to strike in Taiwan invasion ‘window’

Daily Express

Secondly, the reports are that America is running out of ammunition as it is sending most of its production to Ukraine to help defend the country against Russian aggression.

America has promised to help defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion. They’d be stretched to do that at the moment.

But when the Ukraine war is over with a Ukrainian victory the US will be free to focus their military support on Taiwan.

On that scenario China needs to get into Taiwan in the not-too-distant future and they are 100% committed to taking Taiwan and making it a part of China.

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton has said that China has reached the height of its power. Bearing in mind the declining economic performance this is a window to act.

An invasion of Taiwan would also distract Chinese citizens who may become restless in a declining economy.

There are a couple of real estate construction companies in severe financial difficulty in China with massive debt. If they go bust it would accelerate the decline in the economy. This thought may also encourage President Xi Jinping to invade Taiwan sooner than later.

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