20 sayings on cats and luck

Black cats and bad luck? Or good luck?
Black cats and bad luck? Or good luck? Photo in public domain.
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Cats are linked to superstitions more than any other animal, unfortunately. Luck and cats, particularly black cats are very common. Cats bring good and bad luck which proves how silly they are. Here is a list of 20 sayings linking cats and luck.

  1. Cats bring good luck
  2. Cats bring bad luck
  3. If a cat crosses the street it is a sign of bad luck
  4. If a black cat crosses your path you will have good luck
  5. It is lucky to own a black cat, but unlucky to meet one
  6. Stroking a black cat brings good luck
  7. If a black cat is chased away it will take the luck of the house with it
  8. If a black cat comes to stay it will bring bad luck
  9. It is good luck to sleep with a cat
  10. Miners refuse to utter the word ‘cat’ when working down a mine
  11. Sailors refuse to say the word ‘cat’ at sea, although a ship’s cat brings good luck
  12. If a sailor’s wife keeps a cat it will ensure her husband’s safe return
  13. At a theatre, a cat is good luck backstage
  14. If a theatre cat makes a mess backstage, the performance will be good
  15. Cats are bad luck on-stage
  16. For a cricketer it is lucky to see a black cat when going out to bat
  17. A tortoiseshell cat brings luck to its owner
  18. A stray tortoiseshell coming into your home is an omen of misfortune
  19. A blue cat brings luck to its owner
  20. If your cat cries when you leave for a journey, some disaster will befall you.

Today, in the 21st century, there are many people in developed countries who are superstitious about cats particularly black cats. In Africa there is a higher percentage of people who attached superstitions to cats, usually witchcraft associated. All people are inherently superstitious. I can be superstitious on one thing: I ‘touch wood’ when I say certain things that may befall me. I don’t really believe it but still do it occasionally. Is the origin of superstition fear and anxiety? Is it an attempt to take control of one’s life when it is not possible to be totally in control? Is the cat chosen as a recepticle of human supersition because they are seen by some as enigmatic?

Rafael Nadal acts like he has OCD and is superstitious when he lines up his water bottles at the changeover and avoids walking over the lines. Black cats and superstition must originate in (a) the link to witches familiars and (b) the mysterious nature of the cat and when the coat is black, even more so. But this is based on ignorance without wishing to be too blunt.

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