20 Sphynx cats rescued

NEAR EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA – NEWS (COMMENT): CTV NEWS (and this story is unique) reports that an Edmonton cat rescue has taken in 20 Sphynx cats after they were removed from a home near Edmonton.

It seems likely that this was the home of a Sphynx cat breeder and that it went horribly wrong. The cats are described as being inbred. All cat breeders selectively breed which is inbreeding. They are described as being skinny and suffering from medical issues. Rather shockingly, and it is difficult to write about this, many of the cats suffered with teeth problems partly because some tried to chew and claw their way out of their cages.

One of the rescued Sphynx cats looking okay thankfully
One of the rescued Sphynx cats looking okay thankfully. Photo: Alberta Sphynx and Lykoi Rescue Society.
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Yes, I know it sounds horrendous and it is very sad that these cats had to suffer like this. Sphynx cats are known to be among the more intelligent cat breeds and it appears that they were caged up for long periods. I don’t have names and I don’t have any information about potential prosecutions for animal abuse.

It seems likely that the purported cat breeder is not going to be prosecuted. One of the rescue workers said that there were, “A lot of broken teeth, severe decay, horrible mouths”. It appears that the cats were genuinely pretty ill to varying degrees as one worker said that, “Everything you can imagine going on with a cat is happening”.

The unprecedented numbers have stretched resources. Usually the Alberta Sphynx and Lykoi Rescue Society in Calgary and Lethbridge take in about ten cats a year but on this occasion they’ve taken in 20 in one day. They’ve partnered with the Family Pet Hospital to treat and rehabilitate the cats. Staff have come in during their off times to help care for the cats and a care plan for each has been prepared.

The Sphynx cat community, I’m told, has also stepped in to help. And they’ve received donations of food, litter and bedding. The founder of the rescue, Jennifer Begley said that she was blessed by the help given.

Sphynx cats are popular because people believe they are hypoallergenic, which they are not. The cats will be released for adoption when it has been decided that treatment is completed. The Alberta SPCA are aware of the problem but as mentioned no charges have been laid.

Potential adopters should be aware that the cats have been traumatised and have “genetic issues”. This means inbreeding and therefore living with one of these cats may present particular problems, which I got to say is very sad for the cats. These cats are going to need excellent emotional support and a dedicated cat care to give them a good life for the remainder of their lives.

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  1. As you can well imagine, this tears my heart out. Not that this treatment of any and all cats would be less distressing. This is why I prefer cats to people for the most part.


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