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20-year-old cat missing for nine years reunited with owner and euthanized two hours later — 14 Comments

  1. Oh I agree with you wholeheartedly, Michael. I hate to add insult to injury but I think he could have mulled it over for a week or two… observe her fully and allow feelings to come full circle and enjoy her company for that time. It might then have been a little harder to let her go, but it’s not about him… it’s about her, what she wants. See and determine what she wants. You can’t do that in two lousy hours after a nine year absence. He jumped the gun. Imagine it from her point of view: she managed to survive, lost for all those years, a lifetime, only to finally be reunited with the one person on the planet who had been her guardian, her loving human companion, the one person with the power to ease her suffering or make her final weeks, months a time of comfort and joy… but chose to immediately kill her instead. In a way, that was the worst thing he could have done.

  2. It’s a tough call – we are going through the same decision with a 22-year old cat, except her systems are most definitely shutting down. I think it’s always best to let them pass on their own, unless it’s evident that their quality of life / pain is evident. We will probably lose her tonight… 🙁

  3. Quote: “I wonder if he could have let her live for a while longer. If she was not in pain or there was no sign of her being in pain, why not take her home and give her plenty of love? What’s wrong with that?”

    Nothing is wrong with that. Forget the unnecessary tests if Babsy was able to eat, “relieve herself,” and function on her own. For some reason there was a reunion. At least Babsy could have had days, weeks, or months to enjoy a warm home, good meals, comfort and love again…tons of love…after spending half of her life surviving unknown hardships on her own. I think this is the least that she deserved. I would have taken her home and loved her. 😱😠😭☮️☯️💜💜🗝️🐾

    • Me too again! This was definitely a case where it would have been better to risk the cat dying of natural causes at home rather than being euthanised at a vet’s. To me it seems cruel. An anonymous contributor blamed the RSPCA who have a habit of zealous euthanasia. The owner was not forceful enough to make up his own mind. Perhaps he was pressured.

  4. Four letters explain it – RSPCA. Well known for pressuring people to euth’ under implied threat of prosecution for neglect. Coercion is their speciality. The RSPCA exploit the AWA frequently. They bully vets/lawyers too. Mike and poor Babsy would not have stood a chance. If Mike had not agreed to ‘euth Babsy, the RSPCA would have seized her and done it themselves.

    Ask Sara-Lise Howe and Joe Rich about this sort of behaviour from the RSPCA.

    RIP Babsy.

  5. I think he just didn’t want to be bothered. Why not allow her to hospice and die naturally and let her experience love in her last days? She knew him. She wasn’t going to cause any problems with her age and condition. Very sad.

    • Another visitor thought that the owner was pressured into euthanasia by the RSPCA. It should not have happened. Not then.

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