20-year-old convalescing indoor cat wants to meet a deer

Cat wants to befriend a deer outside the window
Cat wants to befriend a deer outside the window
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There is an instinctive desire by this elderly cat to meet the deer outside the window. He is certainly inquisitive. I sense that if he was outside he’d meet up and they might well form a friendship. It seems that he likes deer and wants to interact with them. I can remember of great photo of a cat and deer lying down together on grass so there might be a natural connection between deer and cats much like there is for horses and cats.

The cat’s name is Tye. He’s been ill recently and is convalescing. Well, that’s what I say. He lives in New Brunswick, Canada (one of four Canadian, Atlantic provinces on the east coast of Canada). His human companion and caretaker is Anna Maria Scichilone-Smith. She said to Storyful:

“The deer are constantly around and Tye is just so easy going with them.”

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