20,000 posters, 200 miles walked, 400 miles driven, 16 pounds lost in effort to find lost cat

Alison High
Photo: Kent Online photographer.
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UPDATE: Today, Friday 15th Feb 2019, I have received an wonderful text message from Alison High. She has her cat back!! Wow.

“Hi Michael. This is Alison High. Just to let you know I have got Moloko back. Somebody saw the newspaper article and recognised her. They called me and I went to their garden and called her and she came out of the bushes into my arms. Apart from being a bit skinny she is absolutely fine. Thank you for your kind words and the article you did for me. 😻😻”

I really feel for this woman. Her name is Alison High. She moved from Hertfordshire to Kent in the UK in December 2018. Specifically she moved to a town called Gillingham where, incidentally, I lived as a child. Her cat’s name is Moloko. She describes her as a ginger-and-white cat with tabby overcolour. I think your cat is a torbie, Alison. This is a mixture of tabby and tortoiseshell. There is some white as well so her cat is a torbie-and-white. They are quite rare.

Despite keeping her cat inside after her move, she escaped through a small window which was not fully closed. She’s been lost since December 21, 2018.

Moloko lost cat poster
Moloko lost cat poster

It’s the first time that her cat has run away and they have never been apart in the five years that they have been together. Alison has chased up every lead, searched every woodland, inspected every hedge and empty building without success. She has offered a £500 reward in addition to the heavy expenditure of printing 6,000 posters/flyers with 15,000 more on order. Printing 6,000 posters cost her £500.

The money is one thing but I you can see that she had put an enormous amount of effort into this. I can feel her anxiety. I don’t know of any person who has searched so vigorously and in such a committed way as Alison High.

On this page is a copy of her poster containing her phone number. If somebody has seen her beautiful cat could they please telephone her. Her cat is micro-chipped and registered on www.petlog.org.uk.

Source: Kent Online.

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