$20,000 Reward Offered For Missing F2 Savannah Cat

This must be a very tough time for the owner of Bentley, a lost F2 (second generation from the wild serval) Savannah cat in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, California, USA. This appears to be a classy residential area facing a large marina on the coast of California. Very nice but not so nice if you have lost a very exotic and expensive domestic cat.

Bentley - an F2 Savannah cat
Bentley – an F2 Savannah cat
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The thought of such a desirable cat wandering around Los Angeles gives me the hebbie-jebbies. The Savannah cat was seen leaving the luxury apartment complex on the marina a week ago.

The woman who owns Bentley (a good name for such and expensive cat) says that she has hired a pet detective and blood hounds to find him.

Bentley escaped from the balcony of her apartment. He must have jumped over and onto the ground below indicating she is on the first floor.

The cat had been declawed. For me this means she is not a good owner. This assessment of mine is reinforced by the fact that she thought an apartment was an okay environment for an F2 Savannah cat. It is not. They are too large and active. They need stimulation and space.

The owner started off with a $5k reward which has since climbed to a massive $20k. This cat would have cost thousands to purchase.

Call 310 299-7905 of you see Bentley. I suspect he has been stolen by now or perhaps shot. That sounds terrible but some people see the high filial Savannahs as wild cats and dangerous. Some mistake them for wild cats and are scared of them. And then there is the traffic and a myriad of dangers.

I wish them both the very best of luck. The world’s best known F2 Savannah cat is Motzie.

Source: $20,000 Reward Offered For Missing Cat

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  1. I hope Bentley is found safe and sound.I fear the worst-knowing he has been declawed and is an expensive breed.


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