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2013: The Controlled Substances Act and Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act — 8 Comments

  1. Excellent post regarding the law and veterinarians in U.S.A.Hope the law is changed in benifit of the Veterinarians making medical treatment cheaper and more convenient for the average U.S pet owner..U.S.A has the largest number of cat and dog owners in the World and hence the veterinary business is a billion dollar Industry.

    • The law in this instance seems to be have been defective. It was written with good intent but had unexpected consequences. This can often happen when drafting new legislation. Also as things change laws become out of date and less effective. They need updating.

  2. Thank you the post; it was a revelation. Tmrw morn, I’m going to stop in to All-Feline Clinic (Lincoln, NE, US), and try to speak with Dr. Becky Arnold about this. She is so, so busy with her clinic and housecalls and lecture circuit, but I will ask her about this. She has been my veterinarian for 20 yrs, and I trust her with my kitties. She holds a PhD in human psychology as well. (She is looking forward to the day that I bring in my A1 Savannah SBT kittens, and so am I!)

    • She holds a PhD in human psychology as well

      I think I had better come and see her 😉 She’s probably excellent on dealing with the unfathomable human.

    • I agree – I think a vet who has a degree in human psychology might well understand the bigger part of feline health problems because often they stem from the human caretakers actions. So she sounds like a perfectly equipped vet actually. It’s amazing the amount of problems that come about because the human doesn’t know how best to care for the cat. She sounds like an interesting vet. Cal, you are lucky to have a such a vet.

  3. What a sad situation for pets,pet parents and vets.I hope this situation changes before the d.e.a. paralizes mobile vet clinics.

    • Interesting comment as usual! The original legislation was probably playing safe or the way it was drafted may have been dictated by existing legislation regarding people and drugs. Just guessing. It appears to have had unintended consequences.

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