Cat Websites Should Fight Declawing

Cat websites should fight declawing for these reasons: Debt of Gratitude Without the domestic cat there would be no funny cat pictures, no funny cat videos, no websites built on the back of all that the domestic cat offers to society. Millions of dollars are made out of writing about the domestic cat and …

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Valentine’s Day Card for Cat Lovers

This is a hand-made, custom Valentine’s Day card for cat lovers. It is just something that kept me amused for an hour or so. Rarely, some cats have heart-shaped fur patterns. They are ideal for a Valentine Cat card. It is these sweet cats that gave me the idea. There is not much I …

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Bengal Cat – Maine Coon Mix

You’ll enjoy this excellent photograph of two sibling Maine Coon/Bengal Cat mix cats. When I first saw them, I thought they could be Bengal cat twins. They really do look very alike. And they look far more like Bengal cats than Maine Coons. “Photo courtesy of Dan Power – All Rights Reserved.“ Despite …

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