No fees. Free transport. Wanted: cat lover within 300 miles of New Orleans to adopt Vincent and Tori.

Vincent and Tori need you! Come on cat lovers, this is chance of a lifetime to do something really good for cats and yourself. You’ll for ever reap the reward. You’ll receive adulation and bit of fame as well if that would please you. Vincent is a declawed cat who because of the declaw …

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Siamese cat adopts twin sister of deceased former caretaker

By Jan Plant Last month my dear friend and room mate passed away leaving behind her beloved Siamese kitty, Whisky, who Linda raised on a bottle. Whisky is now almost 8 years old. Whisky has never been friendly towards anyone and has been known to attack and bite!!! After Linda’s passing I was concerned …

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The Siamese cat has the most genetically inherited illnesses

By Sarah Hartwell When cats are bred for appearance, disease-causing genes risk being overlooked until the gene becomes sufficiently widespread that numerous cases of the genetic ailment appear in that breed. There are a number of factors involved: THE FOUNDER EFFECT: if one or more of the foundation cats has a genetic problem, this …

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Cats don’t respond to your voice. True or false?

Cats recognise their human caretaker’s voice but don’t respond, so state reports in newspapers of a new study from the University of Japan. All that cats do is to turn their head and position their ears to show us that they recognise our voice. Is this what you find? The first point to make …

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