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2014: Current Cat World Records — 4 Comments

  1. Here is the previous World’s Longest Cat from my private Flickr photo pool. I got permission to use it from Susan Odem (the co-owner of Vermisso Cats) in 2007. His name is Vermisso Leo Red and in this photo he is 2 years old. He is 4 feet long. This photo was taken by his new owner. I would of kept a cat like that. It looks like the cat it getting ready to be frisked by a police officer.

    Thanks for this Michael. Two bedrooms, two baths, three closets and hallway flooded by ‘grey water’. Toilet backed up and the shut valve failed. We didn’t notice it until 3 hours later. Now they found asbestos in the glue under our ancient tiles and in the walls. We have to go to a hotel for three days while they do a hazardous material removal. At least we’ll get new carpet/tile and furniture out of our home insurance. So I needed some cheering up!

    • Dan…poor you. Hellfire…flooding is awful. So much damage. Best of luck in the clear up and renovations. As for the cat – WOW! This cat does not look like a domestic cat. Thanks for uploading the photo.

  2. Very interesting. Sometimes I wonder though if records are accurate as there may be cats no one knows about, to beat those records

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