North Carolina Governor vetoes Ag-Gag bill

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory vetoed (rejected) a bill on Friday that would allow businesses to sue employees who secretly record animal, child or elderly abuse. This is a landmark victory for animal advocates, because it will protect those who perform “whistleblower” investigations to continue their work in protecting not just animals, but the …

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Veterinarian unlawfully refuses to return cat to rightful owner

Ziva - a cat retained unlawfully by a vet

This is an interesting story with a legal connotation but it is not complicated. It took place in South Salem, America. A lady, Janice Claflin, owns a grey, tabby-and-white, female, indoor/outdoor cat, Ziva. She is micro-chipped. Janice is known at the Willamette Humane Society and has done some voluntary work there. One day Ziva …

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Will my cat remember me?

Will my cat remember me? People search Google for an answer. This is my answer. Based upon personal experience the answer is, yes. And you can be a long time away from your cat and he/she will still remember you. I remember visiting Helmi Flick in Dallas, America many years ago, and meeting her …

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Kenya: Man-eating lions of Tsavo return to terrorise railway workers

Tsavo lions

“Descendants of the monstrous man-eating lions of Tsavo in Kenya, that devoured dozens of railway workers in 1890s, blamed for new attack.” (journalistic hype) The original Tsavo man-eating lions are immortalised in the display above at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois.  Now, it is said that their descendants are back …

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Texas floods: in adversity, people pull together to save animals

Volunteers line up to help care for companion animals

In adversity people pull together.  They always have.  Natural disasters create social cohesion.  People need each other.  Animals need people.  When people need each other they help each other and this is exactly what is happening in Texas at this moment in time. The world is aware of the devastating storms over the past …

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