Photo of Oriental Longhair

Oriental Longhair

Although Helmi has not described this cat as an Oriental Longhair, he has to be judging by his appearance. His name is Jack of Noah’s Ark. The photograph has an ethereal quality, semi-translucent, which I like. It gives Jack a mysterious appearance. The face is 100% Oriental Shorthair or Longhair; long and thin (and …

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How Intelligent Are Cats?

Cat intelligence

The truth is that, at present, we don’t really know (at a scientific level) how intelligent cats are because it is almost certainly the case that scientists have yet to devise experiments and tests which allow cats to demonstrate their true abilities. Also intelligence takes different forms. That is the answer but I will …

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Failures at Columbus County Animal Control Forces Retirement of Director

Anima shelter fined

Following a fine (see details below) by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Veterinary Services (“the Services”) the director of Columbus County Animal Control, Rossie Hayes (a man, incidentally) will retire in September 2015. Hayes’s tenure as director appears to have been unhappy and unsuccessful. For instance, in December 2013 Whiteville Daily …

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