British Princess Says Animals Don’t Have Rights

Princess Michael of Kent, one of Britain’s aristocrats whose family home is in Austria, believes that animals do not have rights because they can’t vote, they don’t have bank accounts and you only have rights if you pay taxes. You have to earn rights and animals don’t earn rights and therefore they do not …

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Photo of Momma Cat Guarding Her First Baby

Mother cat curls up with her kitten

The photographer says: “This is my cat guarding her first and only baby. She’s extra protective of him…” I don’t know who took the photo. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. It is a really good photo; unusually good. Although technically, dare I say it, it could be improved but that is unimportant.

Heroic Veterinary Medics at Middletown Animal Hospital Continue To Treat Victims of Wildfire

The headline news about the California wildfires have subsided but the work to treat the animals who miraculously survived, some with severe injuries, continues and will do so for months to come. Middletown Animal Hospital is in Lake County, California and a wildfire in that area which started on 12th September consumed 76,000 acres …

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Cat missing for two weeks in the UK catches train to return home

Cat who likes train rides

When 13-year-old, white-and-black cat, Charlie, disappeared from his home in Accrington, in the UK a few weeks ago, his owner thought she’d never see him again. Kinder Kaur and her daughter Kelly McDonald had resigned themselves to the reality, this time, they may never see Charlie again. The family moved to Accrington in April …

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Why Tiger? Because He Matters

By Betsy Anderson of TJT (Tiger’s Justice Team) Although the TJT News Page is less than a month old, Tiger’s Justice Team itself recently marked its three month anniversary. We began as a small group of concerned individuals, united by our determination to pursue all legal means to achieve justice in the Kristen Lindsey …

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FBI Realise The Important Connection Between Animal Abuse and Other Serious Crimes 

This is not exactly hot of the press cat news but it is a reminder that sections of law enforcement in the USA realise the connection between animal abuse and other major crimes and therefore it makes sense to classify animal abuse as a top-tier felony and track down and prosecute animal abusers as …

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How do you determine a cat rescue is legit or a scam?

Cat Rescue Scam?

Your input is required, please, in the answering the question. This is a difficult article to write on for several reasons. I don’t want to appear to be singling out any particular rescue and would appreciate some reader feedback on what criteria you use before donating money. What factors determine a cat rescue deserves …

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