Leading British Naturalist and Wildlife Presenter Chris Packham Changes Mind about Domestic Cat Predation

Chris Packham

I’m returning to the perennial subject of domestic cat predation on wildlife and I am pleased to report that a study by the University of Reading found that two thirds of cats brought home no prey over a six-week period. Their study appears to have injected a bit of realism into this fraught discussion. …

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Machete-Wielding Serial Cat Killer’s Existence Realised after Seven Years

For about seven years it appears that a serial cat killer has been going about his business with a machete in south-east London, UK. Only now have people realised that the reports of butchered, missing and injured cats are probably linked. Despite that, the local police force have decided that the most recent victim …

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African Farmers Poisoning Lions Backfires in Jeopardising Human Health with Anthrax

We know that farmers, specifically cattle herders, use poison to kill predators such as the African lion. They do this by lacing the carcass of a cow with poison. This can have the effect of wiping out a whole pride of lions but in addition it also kills the vultures which feed on the …

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91-year-old American Woman Made Purses Out Of Neighbors’ Missing Cats

She made purses from domestic cat pelts

This is surely an example of a complete lack of morality and sensitivity. It is shocking but it is not surprising. This gruesome story unfolded in Grand Haven, Michigan, USA. Note: for the record, this is not an example of “America bashing”. It just so happens that the woman is American and that is …

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What is this cat doing?

What is this cat doing? Taking a common sense viewpoint it looks like the cat is checking whether the cat that he sees in the mirror is him. He waves his forelegs around to see if they move in the mirror. That’s what it looks like but no doubt he is doing something else. …

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Is your Cat at Risk of Becoming A TV Addict? Our Kitten is!

Cat watching television

I must admit that I over the years I have become addicted to several television programs. “Scandal”, “The Good Wife”, and “Sister Wives” and “My Cat from Hell” are a few of my all-time favorites. While my husband Marty and I always enjoy an evening of what we consider worthwhile programming, unfortunately I am …

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