Deworming Your Cat

Feline round and tapeworms

There appears to be two central points to make about deworming your cat. The first is that even full-time indoor cats can get gastrointestinal parasites. They can be exposed by a new cat joining the family or by catching a mouse which found its way into the home. Then there are fleas and mosquitos …

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Giant Maine Coon Pictures

People want to see giant Maine Coon pictures because people like large domestic cats. Perhaps we like all things large or small. The Maine Coon is the largest cat breed other than wildcat hybrids. But this doesn’t mean that individual random bred cats can’t be larger, some of them are and some Maine Coons …

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A Definition of “Nuisance Cat”

The Trustees of the town of Carbondale, Colorado, USA have passed an ordinance (a law) which defines “a nuisance cat”. The intention is to reduce the number of outside cats which includes strays becoming ferals. The definition: A nuisance cat is one which causes unprovoked personal injury, that wanders at large and whose owner …

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