Are Domestic Pet Cats “Just Tiny Tigers”?

Domestic cat behaves like wild cat

According to an article recently published in “Catnip”, (the newsletter for caring cat owners) produced by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, “Our loveable domestic cats have more in common with big cats than previously thought.” The study made by The University of Edinburgh in Scotland and the Bronx Zoo in …

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RSPB Deliberately Underestimates the Impact on Birds by Domestic Cats?

A charity concerned with bird conservation in the UK, Songbird Survival, believes that the RSPB deliberately underestimates the predation by domestic cats on birds in the UK in order to keep its army of followers happy as they contribute to the annual £130 million income by way of legacies in their wills. The RSPB …

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What’s Happening to the Cats and Dogs during the Massive UK Floods?

Cat saved in flooded Carlisle

Dramatically unusual weather is causing huge floods in the North of England. It is estimated that about £5 billion worth of damage has been caused (about 7.5 billion US Dollars). Many householders are uninsured because the insurance premiums are too high. The situation is desperate for many. Obviously a lot of these people have …

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Woman who adopted 11-year-old cat returns to shelter to adopt his 16-year-old friend

Woman returns to adopt 16-year-old Max (1)

This is the happy ending story of two bonded cats who ended up at a Maryland animal shelter, where one was adopted and the other left behind. Thanks to a kind-hearted woman whose conscience prevailed, the best buddies are reunited and will remain together for the rest of her life. A month ago an …

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Lost Cat Returns at Christmas 7 Years Later Thanks to Microchip

Miko and Elena

This is another brilliant example of the benefits of micro-chipping cats. Is also a little tale which highlights the mentality of the domestic cat because sometimes even in the best homes domestic cats who are allowed outside go wandering and don’t come back. This puzzles people. It is often not because of the cat’s …

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China Tests Internationally Made Cosmetics on Animals

When a cosmetic manufacturer sells their products in China, the Chinese conduct independent testing of those cosmetics on animals. These are well-known cosmetics made by well-known manufacturers such as Revlon and Estee Lauder. Both Revlon and Estee Lauder do not test their products on animals but the Chinese do. This begs the question whether …

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