Animal Suffering: What Does It Mean?

Meaning of the word suffering

You will find that many laws regarding animal welfare and animal abuse incorporate the word “suffering”. Animal abuse leads to animal suffering and therefore the word “suffering” has to be incorporated within these laws. The laws could be federal (nationwide) or at any other level including a city ordinance. It doesn’t matter, they are …

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Comprehensive List of Cat Colour and Pattern Types

This is a comprehensive list of cat coat types. It is a rather dry list but it might please someone or help someone, somewhere 😉 – another page on cat color and patterns with photos. Solid Black, chocolate, blue, lilac, fawn, red, cream, white. Tortoiseshell Tortoiseshell, chocolate tortie, blue tortie, seal sepia tortie. Tabby …

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Kitten With Button Eyes Captures The Hearts of Millions

Ferrari Collage

This is the story of a Florida cat named Ferrari who has captured the hearts of millions since his story went viral. The buttons shown sewed to little Ferrari’s eyes aren’t a form of torture or animal cruelty. Ferrari recently underwent surgery where real buttons for eyes were used to hold his third eyelid …

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Why isn’t Integrative/Holistic Veterinary Medicine More Widely Accepted?

Holistic veterinary medicine

Integrative veterinary care is the integral ingredient in treating the whole animal. The focus in an Integrative practice is to treat both the animal’s body and mind, using a combination of conventional medicine with a variety of alternative therapies. Today there are many cat guardians who are seeking this more integrative approach to their …

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