Losing a Pet Is Often Harder Than Losing a Person but Employers and Lawmakers Don’t Understand This

Grieving the passing of a pet

There is a dichotomy between the way employers deal with bereavement concerning the passing of a relative and the passing of a cat despite the fact that for many people the death of a beloved cat companion is more painful than that of their parents or a sibling. There is often a disconnect between …

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Happy Ending For Dog Pictured Being Dragged Along By Rowan County Animal Control Officer

In a recent article by Elisa on the concerns regarding animal welfare at Rowan County Animal Control, a photograph showed a dog being dragged along rough tarmaced ground by his neck with an animal grasper. The person dragging the dog appears to be an animal control officer. It is believed that this dog is …

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Cats May Pick up Regional Accents Which Modifies Their Meow

Cat melodic patterns

The supposition that a domestic cat picks up the regional dialect of his owner sounds plausible but is currently under investigation in a Swedish study. We know cats learn through observation and cat owners in different parts of the world describe their cat’s vocalisation in different ways. Perhaps the cats are vocalising differently because …

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When Your Cat Asks To Be Cuddled

Cuddle the cat

The video is entitled “Please Cuddle The Cat” but I would call it “Cats Asks To Be Cuddled”. That’s what is looks like to me most of the time. https://youtu.be/P_0aGUM8UME It is so apparent that these cats love their moments of contact with their human caretaker/guardian so much that they want more of it. …

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Stress Relieving Cat Therapeutic Massage Works (It worked for a Hedgehog)

Cat massage

A hedgehog, Derek, lost his spines because of stress-related alopecia caused by an injury. He was found injured in a garden in Bishop’s Stortford, UK. He recovered from his injuries but began to lose his spines. He was taken to a local animal whisperer, Monique Blackford, who gave him massage therapy and now his …

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New Cat Personality Test Helps You to Become a Better Owner

Feline personality test

We know that cats have individual personalities just like people. Over the years various cat behaviour experts have broken down the domestic cat’s personality into various headings so that we can better understand our cat. Researchers at the University of South Australia have come up with five personality traits for our beloved felines. They …

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