Do cats learn from each other?

Yes, cats learn from each other. Social learning is achieved by watching another cat complete the task. The other cat might be, and often is, the mother. Excellent observational skills are very important for the kitten when learning hunting from his/her mother. The feral mother cat (queen) firstly brings prey that she has killed …

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Why do jaguars live in the rainforest?

Jaguars don’t just live in the rainforest. The jaguar used to live in California until the last one in the state was shot in 1860. Jaguars continued to survive in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico until the 20th century. These American states do not have rainforests! The jaguar is normally thought of as living …

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Kleptomaniac Norwegian Forest Cat steals poisonous lily in pot and brings it home

Paddy, a five-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat living Newmarket, England “steals” objects from neighbours and brings them home. His owner, Paul Terry, said: “I was most impressed when he brought a lily in a pot home. I have no idea how he did it.” We know that lily pollen is very toxic to cats. It …

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