Can Ocelots Purr?

Ocelots don’t purr in my opinion, having researched the subject. They do create a sound that could be described as a purr-growl under circumstances which might induce a domestic cat to purr. It is a harsh sound. This does not mean that the growl-purr is the ocelot’s version of the purr. It almost certainly …

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Selling Ocelot Fur Coat

Vintage ocelot fur coat

“Selling ocelot fur coat” is a Google search term. People are still looking to buy one. And they are for sale on eBay. These are vintage ocelot coats. They were traded before bans were introduced. CITES and other bans are now in existence but I’d expect that trading in ocelot skins still takes place. …

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Caring Couple Create Bucket List of Adventures for Dying 22-year-old Cat

Tigger an elderly rescue cat

This story highlights two opposite ways to care for a very elderly cat, Tigger, who is terminally ill with kidney failure and a golf ball sized tumour. It also reminds us of the rewards in looking after an elderly cat. People should be more open to adopting them. The former owner effectively abandoned him …

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Do sand cats make good pets?

Sand cat kitten

On the internet people ask if sand cats make good pets. The same question applies to other small wild cats. There are a lot of people who fancy the idea of having a small wild cat as a pet because they look awesome. To many people the small wild cats are more eye catching …

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Kitten loves dog and vice versa tells us humans should get on better

You’ve gotta love these sorts of videos – interspecies friendship. The video maker says the kitten is annoying to the dog and loveable. I don’t see the annoying part. Both enjoy each other’s company a lot. If you can achieve this; a cat and dog make wonderful companions. For me the relationship speaks volumes …

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So…how many firemen does it take to save a kitten stuck in a dishwasher?

So…how many firemen does it take to save a kitten stuck in a dishwasher? Apparently, the answer is three. This is the happy ending story of a kitten at a rescue in Lower Hutt, New Zealand who found herself in a bit of a jam after following her heart’s desire to explore a dishwasher. …

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