A Feline Friendly Veterinary Practice Can Ease Anxiety For cat And Guardian

Dr. Sandy at work with Hush Puppy. Photo: Jo Singer.

Kitty guardians understand that taking a cat to the vet can be very stressful. In many cases this may even cause some owners to avoid taking their cat to the vet. Additionally there are cat owners who actually believe that their kitty doesn’t need routine wellness or preventative veterinary care. However if owners would …

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Is Oregon State University research study accurate in stating cats prefer human companionship over food?

Thanks to a new research study published in Behavioral Processes in late March from Oregon State University, there’s scientific evidence that cats are nice. In fact, cats would rather interact with humans than eat food! Michael covered this a few days ago in a PoC article. I’m adding information, plus asking readers to give …

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Mississippi man has saved nearly 100 cats after starting free “cat stuck in a tree” rescue

Starkville story

Cat Stuck in Tree Rescue Mississippi, based in Starkville is exactly what it sounds like. A cat hero named Bob Reese offers his time and service free of charge to anyone within a three-hour radius. Since May 2013 Bob has rescued 98 cats, one coon dog, and one drone in his spare time. Some …

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Stevie the Fabulous Blind Wonder Cat: From living on the streets to becoming a forever family member

March 30, 2017     By Cindy Lester I’m going to tell you about one of my cats, Stevie, our beautiful blind kitty. Stevie’s story started with me on March 25, 2013, in southern Missouri. I happened to look out my window and saw a tabby cat in my yard. My neighborhood doesn’t have …

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Vona was so sick her vet wasn’t sure she’d survive, but look at her now

 March 30, 2017    By Jodie Edmond On Inauguration Day 2017, I saw a post on our local lost and found pet page about a white cat running scared at a local truck stop, almost being hit by cars and sitting dejected on a street corner. Recognizing the location as being one of my …

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