Conservationists Who Tag Wild Animals May Expose Them to Poachers

Tagged Lion

This is an instance were conservationists can inadvertently achieve the exact opposite to their goal. It is an example where weaknesses in technology allow traders in wildlife and body parts to get the better of conservation organisations. And technology is becoming more and more useful and used in conservation of wildlife making the problem …

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Don’t Be Fooled: Zoos Are Not about Conservation

Tigers in a zoo

Zoo administrators try and justify their existence, in part, by saying that they do valuable conservation work. This is highly misleading. The Times newspaper states that only 3% of zoo expenditure goes on conservation and only 10% of the animals held in British zoos are endangered species. Research by the Born Free Foundation found …

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Increased Female Cat Spaying is the Principal Answer to Cat Population Control

An RSPCA report states that in order for the domestic cat population to be stable (i.e. neither increasing or decreasing) the domestic cat neutering rate needs to be 92%. This means that 92% of domestic cats need to be neutered at any one time. Sadly, as at 2012, neutering rates in the UK of …

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