Dramatic Photos of Calico Kitten Pulled From Inside a Wall

Kitten rescued from wall cavity

I found these photos by Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue (Twitter page) compelling. The image quality is good and they capture the instant the young calico kitten is pulled through a hole in an interior stud wall of a house. It looks like the bathroom. A stud wall has a wooden framework covered with plasterboard. …

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Bobcat Attacks Bow Hunter and Hunters Admit to Killing Thousands of Feral Cats

Bobcat shot

I can’t watch this video (I checked out some individual frames). I don’t expect a lot of cat lovers to watch it either because it is upsetting to most people. But it is interesting in the sense that the bobcat fights back. I feel a duty to show it on this site. There is …

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New Study: Domestic Cats Most Like to Interact with Humans

Cat and child

When given a choice of what they would prefer to do, domestic cats prefer to spend time with their human companions for social stimulation than be given food or engage in other activities. The study found that 50% of the cats tested preferred to interact with their humans in providing social stimulus even though …

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Respected Australian Scientist Admits the “Feral Cat Problem” is the Fault of Humans

Dr. Guy Ballard is a research officer and lecturer. He supervises PhD students. He got his doctorate at The School of Environmental and Rural Science (ERS) at the University of New England (AU), New South Wales, Australia. Okay, he is an experienced, and I’d say, a respected scientist with a lot of specialist experience …

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Maru’s Owner has Pocketed between $325k and $1.6m (USD) from her Videos


Maru’s owner – online username of “mugumogu” (I don’t know her real name) has earned between $325,000 and $1,600,000 (approx.) USD through Adsense online advertising from her videos of the world’s most famous online cat: Maru. Maru has achieved a Guinness world record as the animal viewed the most times on YouTube – a …

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