Discussion: The reality of how animal cruelty cases are handled within the U.S. court system

Angry judge

This is a discussion article on the reality of how animal cruelty cases are handled in the U.S. court system. It may surprise some readers on issues that range from the time it takes a case to get to court until it’s settled either by jail time or a small fine. I’ve been writing …

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Dirty Chinese Restaurant game lets players chop up cats

Mobile game during which cats are chopped up and eaten

Wow, this is something bizarrely new and deliberately outrageous (as a selling point). It is a mobile game. It is called ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’. The players chase after cats and dogs to chop them up with a cleaver to cook and serve to customers (a play on the brutal cat meat industry). The game …

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Methods to prevent the entry of infectious disease in cat shelters

Animal Shelter Cats

Infectious disease is a major problem in cat shelters. The infection rate goes up 2 to 3 fold when a cat enters a rescue shelter. Some shelters at certain times may be worse places for a cat than being left out as an uncared for stray cat. Methods used to try and prevent infectious …

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What is a colony cat?

Colony cat

A definition: A colony cat is a feral cat (usually) who is part of a group of three or more sexually mature cats living and feeding in close proximity. There are alternative definitions. A managed colony is a colony that is controlled by a trap, neuter and return approach (TNR). There are many managed …

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Sentences for animal cruelty to increase tenfold to five years

30th Sept. 2017: The UK government announced that animal abusers could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison for the most serious forms of animal abuse. The plan was unveiled by the Environment Secretary Michael Gove. They’ve been thinking about this for a while. It is believed that the current law …

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Jaguar’s forest habitat burnt up in barbecue briquettes

Supagrill barbeque briquettes

This is another depressing story about the destruction of the world’s ancient forests. I recently wrote about old Swedish forest being used to make toilet paper and today I’m going to address the destruction of tropical forest inhabited by Jaguars in Paraguay to make briquettes for barbecues in the West. So when you’re grilling …

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Allegations of animal abandonment at Industry City after 20 feral cats were relocated without food or shelter

According to an emailed statement by a New York Police Department (NYPD) representative, an investigation is currently underway by the Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad following allegations of animal abandonment at Industry City* after approximately 20 cats were removed from Sunset Park to Leif Ericson Park in Bay Ridge and Marine Park where they were …

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