Convicted on animal welfare issues this former cat café owner reopens in another country

Cat cafe in Bangkok owned by convicted animal abuser

His name is Jonathan Tan Wei-De (aka Jonathan Tan). He opened a cat café in Singapore called ‘Cuddles Cat Café’. He broke several animal welfare laws and regulations in Singapore during the short tenure of ownership of his business and as a consequence he was convicted and fined $3,500 in lieu of a two …

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At least three fires set in the past two weeks to an outdoor animal shelter in the Penn’s landing area.

In the past two weeks, at least three fires have been set to an outdoor animal shelter in the Penn’s landing area near Pier 70 on the Delaware River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although no cats were harmed in this fire, the SPCA recently responded to a cat found mutilated in the area. In an …

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Horrible video showing cat cruelty goes viral after cat is beaten for “ruining curtains”

A horrible act of cat cruelty was recently caught on video and shows a cat being beaten and tortured after ruining curtains. Before I begin I’d like to put an EXTREME caution warning on this article. Especially if you decide to watch the video showing the abuse. Voice for the Voiceless posted on Instagram …

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