What eats jungle cats?

Jungle Cat

The jungle cat is a small wild cat species (“somewhat larger and lankier than domestic cats”) living over a large distribution from the Middle East to the Far East. Over this large area it coexists with other carnivores of a similar size. There is not much information on what eats jungle cats. However, I’ll …

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Private investigator in Sage the cat crime appeals for witnesses using stark poster

Poster on Sage the cat investigation

Jensen Investigations, the private investigator employed by the Justice for Sage group, is using a graphic poster to appeal for witnesses in his search for the person or persons who savagely tortured and killed Sage and who possibly also tortured a second cat living nearby. If you are unfamiliar with this case please click …

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Is ear tipping cruel?

Ear tipping is not cruel

Ear tipping is not cruel because the benefits outweigh the detriments and, if it is done under anaesthetic which it almost always is, it is painless to the cat. There is one other issue which is that it spoils the cat’s appearance to a certain extent. Some people don’t like this. But I think …

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