Just euthanize him. I don’t want him any more

Owner wanted vet to kill her cat but the vet recued cat

This is the sweet story of a ginger tabby-and-white male rescue cat. It is not an entirely untypical cat rescue story. It seems that a woman walked into her veterinarian’s clinic with a cat that she had lived with since he was a little kitten. She told the veterinarian: “Just euthanize him. I don’t …

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Lost and found cat dilemma: Chicago woman in legal battle to reclaim her cat after failing to keep the cat indoors

A Chicago woman is in a legal battle to reclaim her cat after she failed to keep the cat indoors, per an alleged adoption agreement two years ago. Rae Bees, 30, adopted a Maine Coon cat two years ago from Chicago-based Feline Friends. She named the cat Reggie (AKA Forrest) in honor of the …

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Fleecy Cloud Cat Breed (Russia)

Fleecy Cloud Cat Breed

By Sarah Hartwell This mutation occurred naturally in Russian Scottish Folds. In January 2014, a curly-haired kitten called Snejana was born in the litter of pure-bred Scottish cats Daryl White and Nestor Petrovich, owned by breeder Margarita Egorova. When Snejana grew up, her fur formed large waves. In their next mating, Nestor and Daryl …

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Are Ragdoll Cats Calm?

Ragdoll cat

The question in the title is asking whether all Ragdoll cats are calm or laid-back. The answer is straightforward. Not all Ragdoll cats are calm. I can say this despite the fact that one of the defining features of this popular purebred cat is their laid-back character. It is rare for the character of …

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Sandy Pines Recreational Community kick allegation of cat cruelty into the long grass

Park Ranger Allows Trapped Cat to Die in Trap

The most effective way to kill off a viral social media story which negatively impacts your business is to kick it into the long grass by declaring that you are investigating the matter. You take months and in the meantime social media fans have forgotten all about it. This is happening in this instance and it has happened many times before.

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