Dog in Ireland hailed a hero after he leads rescuers to a kitten trapped in a wall

A trapped kitten is safe and in the hands of rescue, thanks to the joint efforts of North Dublin Cat Rescue team and the Dublin, Ireland Fire Brigade. Oh, and we mustn’t forget the dog hero who led rescuers to the trapped kitten. Mac literally saved a kitten when he sniffed the kitten stuck …

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Animals die while those who call themselves animal advocates fight a war using social media as their weapon

Intro by Elisa While this particular article is in defense of Crazys Claws N Paws, I think it typical of the spewing of hate one rescue has against another. Not standing strong for the animals, instead attacking each other, has resulted in people who could and would make a difference leaving Facebook. The world …

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Criticizing the study which says that cats are reluctant to prey on rats

Kitten attacks toy mouse

All over the Internet, at the moment, there is the result of a study on the predation of rats by feral cats which took place in New York City, USA. Misconception The conclusion of the study is that feral cats have little interest in attacking and killing rats. Therefore, the public has a misconception …

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“Neuterathon” in Upstate SC puts approximately 243 animals out of the reproduction business

On Friday, Animal Allies held a neuterathon at their Spartanburg, South Carolina clinic where approximately 243 animals were put out of the production business. This was accomplished by a joint effort of animal advocates and volunteers who showed up to help with the record-breaking number of surgeries. Tami Desmond, a well respected animal advocate …

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Suggestions on how to stop your pet from being electrocuted by a power cord

This discussion article will offer suggestions on how to stop your pet from being electrocuted by a power cord. Kittens are playful and puppies like to chew on anything of interest. This includes things that could potentially cause serious or fatal injuries. Power cords are a major problem, so I reached out to friends …

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Why does the stray cat I’m petting try to reach my face?

Feline head butt

This is another question on The answer is quite straightforward. The cat you are petting is much smaller than you. The cat regards you as another cat and she wishes to be friendly towards you by rubbing against you, merging scents, head butting your head and perhaps touching noses. These are all friendly …

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